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The 2018 Key reunion was held in Branson, MO on May 9 to May 13, 2018.  The crew attended many shows that make Branson famous.  On Saturday, the banquet was held at the hotel.  Below are some pictures from the events.  Diane Singleman sent along this review of events:

Our 2018 Reunion in Branson, MO was held on May 9th-May 13th and was a great success. Many shipmates arrived early to attend shows or just explore some of the vast variety of sites to see or other shows to enjoy. Branson is a very family and military friendly city. If you have never been here, you might want to add this to your bucket list. As a group we attended several tribute shows to singing legends that everyone enjoyed. When not at a show we hung out in the hospitality room. 

On the evening of our banquet, we had a professional photographer take group photos of all who attended. At our banquet we held a memorial service led by Bil Hole and Cdr. Tim France read the list of the Key shipmates that have gone on eternal patrol since our last reunion. We also held the MIA/POW missing man memorial service at the banquet this year. The hotel provided everything needed for this & set it up in the banquet room. Many of our "regular" attendees have gone on eternal patrol or are unable to attend due to health issues. They were truly missed. Anyone who has photos from the reunion that they would like to share, just email them to Russ Christie the webmaster ( to put up on the website.. Hopefully you will be able to attend our next reunion that will be held in Charleston, SC in May 2020. Looking forward to seeing all of you again along with many new faces.... Diane

Ron Shouse sent along these pictures:

From left to right: Ron Shouse and his wife Jeanne; Bob Rude and his wife Linda; Brian Maguire and his wife Grace.

Bob Reese and his wife Ann at the banquet