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F. S. Key Qualification Cards

Qualifying on any submarine is a long arduous process usually accomplished during the time most qualified shipmates used for sleeping.  Learning a system, then getting the qualified person assigned to that system to sit down and quiz you on it, was often a daunting task.  Getting that sig on your card became all important because if you do not get your points for the week, you went DINK (sub talk for delinquent).  Qual cards are prized possession for any submariner.  I think we keep them because, just in case they ever call us back, we can prove we were qualified and never want to go through that process again.  Also, at that point in our lives it was probably the most difficult and most satisfying accomplishment we had ever achieved.  Oh those lovely dolphins.

 The Key web site is a fitting place for us to enshrine our Qual cards so dig yours out of the brown box in the attic, get them scanned and send them in.  If you do not have access to a scanner, most libraries have them, as do most 12 year olds.  The cards are thumbnails, so click on them for a larger more readable size. 


Updated 08/30/2018

Submarine Qualification Cards

Shouse Qual Card Front.jpg (218955 bytes)

TM Ron Shouse Blue Crew Qual Card from 1969/70 - Front side

Shouse Qual Card Back.jpg (206740 bytes)

Ron Shouse Qual Card - Back

wpe3.jpg (780192 bytes)

James Bohli 1971 Gold Crew.Two treasured “sigs” by Gus Peterson – Trim & Drain and Main & Vital.

wpe61.jpg (881105 bytes)

James Bohli - back

RichSubmarineQual1.jpg (984532 bytes)

RM Priece Rich Combined  & Gold Crew Qual Card from 1972 - Front side

RichSubmarineQual2.jpg (902650 bytes)

RM Priece Rich Combined & Gold Crew Qual Card from 1972 - Back

qual card charlie burrow fr.jpg (59906 bytes)

TM Charlie Burrow Blue Crew Qual Card from February 1967 Front side

qual card charlie burrow bk.jpg (54750 bytes)

Charlie Burrow Qual Card - Back 


Qual gary walters 2.JPG (343807 bytes)

MM Gary Walters Qual Card from 1966 - Front side.

qual gary walters 1.JPG (295737 bytes)

MM Gary Walters Qual Card - Back.

qual card lindville 2.JPG (96410 bytes)

Here is my qual card, signed off by Joe Logan in 1968.  Lt. Klinger was M Div officer and Doc Savage was COB. John Lindville Qual Card  - Front side.

qual card lindville 1.JPG (96410 bytes)

John Lindville Qual Card - Back 

Qual Card.jpg (884784 bytes)

RM Ron Marchand's Gold Crew Qual card from 1975.  The corner was burned by COB Gus Peterson to give Ron some motivation - it worked

Ron Marchand Quals Side 2.jpg (850945 bytes)

RM Ron "Lonnie" Marchand - Back  

heflinqualfr.jpg (165198 bytes)

Joe Heflin's qual card from 1967

heflinqualbk.jpg (169360 bytes)

Joe Helfin's qual card - back 

REReese Basic reese -Sub Qual front.jpg (709258 bytes)

Robert Reese qual card from 1968

REReese Basic Sub Qual back.jpg (709756 bytes)

Bob Reese qual card - back

Nightenhelser_Sub_Qual_Card_-_front.jpg (214737 bytes)

Boyd Nightenhelser qual card from 1979

Nightenhelser_Sub_Qual_Card_-_back.jpg (174086 bytes)

Boyd Nightenhelser- qual card - back

LewisSamQual card1 001.jpg (936013 bytes)

Sam Lewis qual card from 1968

lewisSamQualback.jpg (922763 bytes)

Sam Lewis Qual Card  - back

SWScan00002A.jpg (164259 bytes)

Ron Chim qual card from 1966

SWScan00003A.jpg (157839 bytes)

Ron Chim qual card - back

Stahl-front qual.jpg (89364 bytes)

Vaughn "Skip" Stahl qual card from 1969 - front

Stahl rear qual.jpg (86534 bytes)

Vaughn Stahl qual card - back

wpe17.gif (61267 bytes) Submitted by Kirk Parnell - Many shipmates reported aboard the Key while it was in overhaul.  During the 1980's, the overhaul lasted years so qualification happened without ever going to sea.  The drawing to the left was made by Bill Heather, at the time he was a FTG2.  He drew this to honor us "nubs" that were "Qualified Shipyard Submarines".  Thanks Bill

Watch Standing Qualification Cards

TopsidePOQC1.jpg (217044 bytes)

Jeff Buss Topside PO Qual from 1979

TopsidePOQC2.jpg (201500 bytes)

Jeff Buss Topside Page 2

.TopsidePOQC3.jpg (173117 bytes)

Jeff Buss Topside PO Page 3

TTQual Card.jpg (294250 bytes)

Jeff Buss Telephone Talker Qual card from 1974

Radio Supv Qual PG1.jpg (568879 bytes)

Ron Marchand Radio Supervisor from 1977, Page 1

Radio Supv Qual Last PG.jpg (638758 bytes)

Ron Marchand Radio Sup, Page 2

Below Decks PG1.jpg (793887 bytes)

RM Ron Marchand - Below Decks Qual Card from 1977.

Below Decks PG2.jpg (651231 bytes)

Ron Marchand Below Decks - Page 2.

stigerqual.jpg (153960 bytes)

Rich Stiger qualification certificate 1974

Shouse Basic Weapons Quals Front.jpg (1058020 bytes)

TM Ron Shouse Basic Weapons Qual Card from 1969 - Front

Shouse Basic Weapons Quals Back.jpg (788247 bytes)

Ron Shouse Basic Weapons - Rear

Shouse Qual Cert.jpg (102929 bytes)

Ron Shouse Qual Certificate


Shouse LOS Front.jpg (1021833 bytes)

Ron Shouse - Launcher Qual Card 1970 - Front

Shouse LOS Back (2).jpg (565858 bytes)

Ron Shouse - Launcher - Rear

Shouse TR Qual Card.jpg (1140391 bytes)

Ron Shouse Torpedo Room Qual Card 1970

Nightenhelser_AEA_Qual_Card_Page_1.jpg (176407 bytes)

Boyd Nightenhelser- Aux Electrician Aft qual card - 1978   page 1

Nightenhelser_AEA_Qual_Card_Page_2.jpg (126137 bytes)

AEA page 2

Nightenhelser_AEA_Qual_Card_Page_3.jpg (107145 bytes)

AEA page 3

Nightenhelser_AMR2UL_Qual_Card_Page_1.jpg (158612 bytes)

Boyd Nightenhelser AMR2 UL qual card - 1980  page 1

Nightenhelser_AMR2UL_Qual_Card_Page_2.jpg (130795 bytes)

AMR2 UL   page 2

Nightenhelser_AMR2UL_Qual_Card_Page_3.jpg (165585 bytes)   Nightenhelser_AMR2UL_Qual_Card_Page_4.jpg (57583 bytes)

AMR2 UL  page 3 and page  4

Nightenhelser_Control_Point_Qual_Card_Page_1.jpg (151876 bytes)

Boyd Nightenhelser Control Point Watch qual card  1980  page 1

Nightenhelser_Control_Point_Qual_Card_Page_2.jpg (138628 bytes)

Control Point qual card 1980 page 2

Nightenhelser_EDM-EDOM_Record_of_Reading.jpg (76053 bytes)

EDM-EDORM Record of Reading

Nightenhelser_EO_Qual_Card_Page_1.jpg (134612 bytes)  Nightenhelser_EO_Qual_Card_Page_2.jpg (105590 bytes)

Boyd Nightenhelser Electrical Operator qual card 1980 pages  1 & 2

Nightenhelser_PVO_Qual_Card_Page_1.jpg (135471 bytes)  Nightenhelser_PVO_Qual_Card_Page_2.jpg (113936 bytes)

Primary Valve Operator qual card 1980 pages 1 & 2

Nightenhelser_RO_Board_Eval_Sheet.jpg (106885 bytes)

Engineering Board Evaluation Sheet 1980

Nightenhelser_RO_Qual_Card_Page_1.jpg (161858 bytes)  Nightenhelser_RO_Qual_Card_Page_2.jpg (107961 bytes)

Reactor Operator qual card 1981 pages 1 & 2

Nightenhelser_RO_Qual_Card_Page_3.jpg (104968 bytes)  Nightenhelser_RO_Qual_Card_Page_4.jpg (89625 bytes)

Reactor Operator pages 3 & 4

Nightenhelser_SEO_Qual_Card_Page_1.jpg (128703 bytes)  Nightenhelser_SEO_Qual_Card_Page_2.jpg (70638 bytes)

Shut Down Electrical Operator qual card 1981 pages 1 & 2

Nightenhelser_Ships_Qual_Certificate.jpg (114873 bytes)

Boyd Nightenhelser ship's qual certificate

Nightenhelser_SRO_Board_Eval_Sheet.jpg (138939 bytes)  Nightenhelser_SRO_Qual_Card_Page_1.jpg (155588 bytes)

Shut Down Reactor Operator Evaluation Sheet and qual card - page 1

Nightenhelser_SRO_Qual_Card_Page_2.jpg (113588 bytes)  Nightenhelser_SRO_Qual_Card_Page_3.jpg (91307 bytes)

Shut Down Reactor Operator Qual card pages 2 & 3

Nightenhelser_Steam_Dump_Watch_Qual_Card.jpg (126173 bytes)

Steam Dump watch qual card 1980

Nightenhelser_Telephone_Talker_Qual_Card.jpg (123593 bytes)

Boyd Nightenhelser Telephone Talker qual card 1980

RichSubmarineQualiCert.jpg (748621 bytes)

RM Priece Rich ship's qual certificate 1974

LewisQualNote.jpg (195142 bytes)

Sam Lewis qual note from Weapons Officer 1968

brimqual.jpg (449686 bytes)

Curt Brim's qual certificate.

wpe1.gif (31061 bytes)

Brian Bigon Qual Certificate

Stahl prac fact front.jpg (61035 bytes) Stahl prac fact rear.jpg (63993 bytes) Stahl Prac Fact rear2.jpg (33015 bytes)

Vaughn "Skippy" Stahl's Practical Factors qual card from 1969

strongqualcard.jpg (550146 bytes)

Jody Strong Qual Certificate 1989

wpe2.jpg (79511 bytes) wpe6.jpg (72631 bytes)

Brian Maguire Qual Card

    wpe8.jpg (50209 bytes) wpeA.jpg (52614 bytes)  

wpeC.jpg (31986 bytes)

Brian Maguire Practical Factors Qual Card