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These are photos taken in the 1980's on KEY or during off-crew times.  They are thumbnails so you can click on them for a full size image.  If you have some pics to share, send them to

SSBN 657 Pictures - 1980's

Updated 2 Apr 2019

Boyd dolphins  fm Ross.jpg (398758 bytes)

Boyd Nightenhelser getting dolphins from Capt Ross in 1981

Boyd  Commendation from Bajuk.jpg (216619 bytes)

Boyd Nightenhelser ET2(SS) receiving Squadron 18 Commendation from CDR. Bajuk on mess decks

Boyd  Good Conduct.jpg (107595 bytes)

GCM presented by CDR Bajuk.  ET2(SS) Robin T. Meredith to my right in background.

Keyloadingtridents.jpg (103516 bytes)

Key loading Tridents in 1981 in St Mary's.

Bellcharles.jpg (176971 bytes)

Charles Bell 1980

BellRBReentry.jpg (149309 bytes)
Submitted by Charles Bell - 1980. This is a  photo of some reentry bodies from a Trident C4 missile launch test my crew did. The captain gave us all a copy of this.  Its supposed to be of several different types of RBs reentering the upper atmosphere taken from a high altitude aircraft.  One RB was supposed to have been designed to do some kind of maneuver to evade being shot down. I hope I have the picture oriented properly.
IMG_20190102_0002.jpg (338780 bytes)

The next 20 pictures were sent in by Sammy Shuford and are from the last patrol before the yards in Newport News.  It appears to be a halfway night celebration or they could just be sloppy eaters,

IMG_20190102_0003.jpg (372680 bytes) IMG_20190102_0006.jpg (368194 bytes)
IMG_20190102_0007.jpg (286379 bytes) IMG_20190102_0008.jpg (303257 bytes) IMG_20190102_0009.jpg (311326 bytes)
IMG_20190102_0011.jpg (523591 bytes) IMG_20190102_0012.jpg (431147 bytes) IMG_20190102_0013.jpg (326512 bytes)
IMG_20190102_0014.jpg (311168 bytes) IMG_20190102_0015.jpg (307654 bytes) IMG_20190102_0016.jpg (309155 bytes)
IMG_20190102_0022.jpg (443159 bytes) IMG_20190102_0023.jpg (744854 bytes) IMG_20190102_0028.jpg (624901 bytes)
IMG_20190102_0029.jpg (277064 bytes) IMG_20190102_0030.jpg (846749 bytes) IMG_20190102_0031.jpg (940876 bytes)
IMG_20190102_0035.jpg (716093 bytes) IMG_20190102_0036.jpg (939203 bytes) End of Sammy's photos
657NN1.jpg (377704 bytes)
These were taken in the summer of 1984 while the boat was undergoing a refueling overhaul at Newport News Shipyard. 
SSBN657-2.jpg (329184 bytes)  

We found out about a Harbor Cruise which went by the shipyard,   So one Saturday we took the cruise and I took these pictures.

SSBN657-3.jpg (215257 bytes)

Submitted by Jeff Buss YN3

YN3FrockingBuss.jpg (32476 bytes)





CDR G.E. Bajuk, COB Michael Rinehart, Jeff Buss, and Robert Reeder.   January 1986.

ShipyardCold2.jpg (124794 bytes)

Newport News during 85 overhaul

Barracks1.jpg (39259 bytes)

Huntington Hall, Room 220, 1983 overhaul: Ricky Hiltunen, Ed Sharkey, Jeff Buss, Mike Wright, Robert Strause

Barracks2.jpg (41528 bytes)

Jim Dixon, Gregory "Frog" Pelton, Ricky Hiltunen.  This picture was shortly after beards were banned.  Before he shaved, no one knew how "Frog" got his nickname.

Barracks3.jpg (42827 bytes)

Tim Norris, "Woody", Mike Gage, James Kjellin

Barracks4.jpg (39399 bytes)

Jim Dixon, Don Mueller

Barracks5.jpg (26052 bytes)

Fred Bingham - Huntington Hall shower

Barracks6.jpg (43418 bytes)

Stephen Ditty, Robert "Pooky" Strause,

ShipsOffice1.jpg (31932 bytes)

Happy to be here! - William "Max" Jackson - Barge Office

ShipsOffice2.jpg (40888 bytes)

Richard Gosnell - Barge Office

ShipsOffice3.jpg (41867 bytes)

Randy Peeler - Barge Office

Huntington1.jpg (27267 bytes)

Huntingron Hall - Newport News Overhaul 82 - 85

Kirk 2A.jpg (155660 bytes)
Kirk Parnell in the dorm at "The Hall" 1984. .


Kirk Huntington Hall 1A.jpg (158077 bytes)

Mike Jarvis (with the camera) and Jack Bartee (left) in the dorm at the Hall 1984. Submitted by Kirk Parnell

Kirk Huntington Hall 2A.jpg (168897 bytes)

Fred Bingham cutting Jack Bartee's hair in the dorm and Mike Jarvis watching, 1984.  Submitted by Kirk Parnell

Kirk Huntington Hall 3A.jpg (172075 bytes)
Huntington Hall where Fred Bingham cutting John Dorr's hair in the dorm,
"Tubby" Evans is on the right.  1984
Funny thing, I can't remember Tubby's real
Kirk Huntington Hall 4A.jpg (166515 bytes)

I (Kirk Parnell) came to the boat early in 1984 and was assigned a room with Bingham and Jarvis.  I think Tubby just came into our room for the beer.

Kirk Huntington Hall 5A.jpg (188477 bytes)
Fred Bingham on the phone in the Hall 1984. Huntington Hall is where we stayed during the overhaul. There were rows of pay phones out in the passageway. 


Kirk 13.jpg (152309 bytes)
 Kirk Parnell receiving his "Shipyard Dauphins".
Kirk 4.jpg (147024 bytes) Kirk 5.jpg (148163 bytes)
Kirk 6.jpg (202087 bytes)

EIC working on charts

Kirk 8.jpg (191564 bytes)

 Kirk smashing trash

Kirk 3.jpg (141047 bytes)

This was January 1985, when Kirk received his 3rd class chevron.  The only person in the picture that I remember is the guy behind me, wearing glasses, I think his name was Cato.

Kirk 10.jpg (223103 bytes)

Chris Kajellin, brother to James, was always clowning around.  He and I got a Bravo flag and an old Poopie Suit and made a flag that resembled a Clemson flag. Our Navigator (Cmd.McWilliams) graduated from Auburn and hated Clemson.  So we made this flag and hung it in the Ward Room on his birthday.  He was mildly amused.

Kirk Kajellin.jpg (209825 bytes)

 Kajellin with the infamous flag

Kirk Chief McCool.jpg (207942 bytes)
Chief Chris McCool as Diving Officer Of the Watch.  He had been on watch for so long that the Doc brought him an IV (as a joke).  We were short handed as Quartermasters and Chief had to fill in as QMOW and DOOW with back to back watches.
NNews7.jpg (369909 bytes)

Beautiful downtown Newport News on a busy day.

Yard9.jpg (34295 bytes)

Glad to be leaving Newport News - 1985 overhaul complete

Fred.jpg (52348 bytes)

Fred "Bodyslam" Boheim

keykm3.jpg (189432 bytes)

Kevin Malheit MT3 in late 1980s  in middle level missile about 1988

keykm8.jpg (223268 bytes)

Kevin Malheit at Launcher 1988ish

keykm6.jpg (321607 bytes)

Looking up at tube 8 from inside the empty tube in late 80s

Kirk Bermuda 2.jpg (164264 bytes)
Bill Heather and Chase Champaign  The Boat is in the background.
Kirk Bermuda 3.jpg (134742 bytes)

Chase Champaign, Kirk Parnell and Bill Heather

Kirk Bermuda 4.jpg (138327 bytes)

The Francis Scott Key (in the distance) as seen from Bermuda

Kirk Bermuda 7.jpg (207937 bytes)
Me swimming in the buff in Bermuda.


Kirk Bermuda 8.jpg (221621 bytes)

My God I once wore pink, that is Esterling jumping through the pic.

Kirk Bermuda 5.jpg (170557 bytes)

Pink sands of Bermuda  Chase (kneeling) Bell (standing) and Heather (in the distance)

kirkKirk1.JPG (24527 bytes)

This is a pic of me (Kirk Parnell) and FTG2 Bill Heather (on the left) taken on patrol in 1986 in Ops UL.  Bill was a good friend while I was on the Key.  He and I were often mistaken for each other.  The last I heard, Bill was a Senior Chief in Bangor getting ready to retire.  I'd like to find out where he is now.

kirkbermuda1.JPG (49125 bytes)

This was taken at a pub in Bermuda while in port there.  That's me in the center, RM2 Chase Champaigne on the right and Bill Heather on the left.  Behind me is Chris Kjellin (QM3) and RM3 Bell.

kirksmokin1.JPG (45346 bytes)

Bell, Parnell and Champaigne at a park in Bermuda.

kirkrigged 1.JPG (38760 bytes)

Kirk Parnell at the QM station in Control Room. Rigged for red.  Whenever the sun set the QMOW had to wear the funky red glasses to keep our eyes adjusted to the dark just in case we had to go to periscope depth.

kirksharkwa1.JPG (130336 bytes)

Kirk Parnell on shark watch off Andros Island during a swim call.  Behind me is Cmdr. Langdon our Engineer. 

Kirk Patrol 50A.jpg (103729 bytes)

Design made to celebrate the 50th patrol of the Key Submitted by Kirk Parnell


Scan2081-Steve.jpg (16833 bytes)

Steve Dillard resting after a hard day at the yards

Scan2081-Steve2.jpg (16309 bytes)

Steven Dillard getting second class crow

Scan2081-Steve3.jpg (18790 bytes)

Steve Dillard celebrating making second class

Shirley Jim on Guitar1.jpg (65098 bytes) Shirley EMBT Test FWD.jpg (99331 bytes)

Submitted by Jim Shirley - Emergency blow test in yard

Shirley EMBT Test AFT.jpg (78938 bytes)
Shirley Reenlisting.jpg (48801 bytes) Shirley yard blow test1.jpg (1463275 bytes)

Change of Command cake

wpe5.jpg (13163 bytes)

Taken in the wardroom of the Key in January 1980. Captain Spruitenberg is reading my promotion order to LTJG. I am Brian Collies and I was the assistant weapons officer on the Key Blue crew from mid 1979 to Oct 1981

Kirk Sub Pic 1.jpg (182306 bytes)

Views of the boat from the launch in Bermuda

Kirk Sub Pic 2.jpg (182564 bytes) nightenhelser101.JPG (110453 bytes)

Boyd Nightenhelser ET both crews

keykm9.jpg (253001 bytes)

Maurice Carter

keykm12.jpg (221806 bytes)

Ed Bollard

keykm13.jpg (249465 bytes)

Lonnie Gillilan at launcher 1988

keykm11.jpg (243274 bytes)

Ed Bollard at launcher 1988

keykm14.jpg (245341 bytes)

Kevin Wagner and Ed Bollard 1988

keykm15.jpg (174132 bytes)

 Tony Plunkett with glasses 1988


keykm7_EDIT.jpg (93171 bytes)

Phil Newsome recognized many of the folks in these pictures.  Click on the picture to read names.

keykm1.jpg (249176 bytes)

Here are some more names for you for this pic. Guy in center of picture with black tank top is Andy Sierra, Guy next to him (in white shirt and red shorts) was the C.O. Dave Miller and the guy next to him in poopy suit is Lt Stubbs. Am pretty sure that the guy looking away in white shorts w/ tan stripe in foreground is Doug Brown Hope this helps. - Craig Bortle is sitting in the white stripped shirt beside Willie "Black Lung" Jarnigan (sunglasses).

keykm2.jpg (226154 bytes)

Andy Sierra is guy in tank top and Bobby Myers RM2 is the guy closest with back turned,  Submitted by Jeff Burke RMC


keykm4.jpg (248207 bytes) keykm5.jpg (281496 bytes) keykm10.jpg (253802 bytes)
keykm7.jpg (268890 bytes)

That's RM2 David Bane walking and RM2 Willie Jarnigan on right with sunglasses.  Submitted by Jeff Burke RMC


jeff01.jpg (46177 bytes)

Lt Brown (Comm), RM1 Jeff Burke, CO Bajuk August 85 Re-enlistment. The next 30 pictures were submitted by Jeff..

jeff02.jpg (61954 bytes)

CO Miller pinning Maurice "Mo" Carter's dolphins, RM2 Craig Bortle along side

jeff03.jpg (45098 bytes)

COB Rhinehart, CO Miller, Craig Bortle getting dolphins on Halloween 1986

jeff04.jpg (55019 bytes)

Same folks as in previous picture

jeff05.jpg (64593 bytes)

Jeff Burke "pounding on" dolphins of Craig Bortle

jeff06.jpg (49407 bytes)

RM2 Michael McLaughlan tacking on Bortle's dolphins

jeff07.jpg (63995 bytes)

Torpedo Room 1987

jeff08.jpg (44930 bytes)

RM1 Jeff Burke lost in torpedo Room

jeff09.jpg (37771 bytes)

RM2 Willie Jarnigan Radio Room 1987

jeff10.jpg (29939 bytes)

RM3 Mark Palmer, Radio Room 1987

jeff11.jpg (52367 bytes)

Mark Palmer getting dressed for Miss Key contest - or is this how they really dressed in Radio when those doors were closed?

jeff12.jpg (65191 bytes)

Palmer getting dressed for Ms Key contest

jeff13.jpg (36571 bytes)

I'd give him a 10, especially after half a patrol without women.

jeff14.jpg (41915 bytes)

Halfway night 1987 Miss Key Contest

jeff15.jpg (49913 bytes)

Arm wrestling halfway night

jeff16.jpg (31738 bytes)

Toilet paper races OPS ML Halfway night

jeff17.jpg (46257 bytes)

RM2 Bobby Jo (Rambo) Myers Radio 1987

jeff18.jpg (65789 bytes)

Jeff Burke, Craig Bortle, Mike McLaughlan Radio Room 1987

jeff19.jpg (45594 bytes)

Jeff Burke Radio Room 1987

jeff20.jpg (46037 bytes)

Bortle sucking down a cool one in Radio 1987

jeff21.jpg (49328 bytes)

Myers, Jarnigan, LT Becknell, McLaughlan 1987 Radio Room

jeff22.jpg (73840 bytes)

Bortle, McLaughlan Radio 1987

jeff23.jpg (73220 bytes)

Radio Console 1987

jeff24.jpg (45207 bytes)

Topside Andros Island 1986 - Jarnigan, XO Flenniken (Standing in white shorts)

jeff25.jpg (36006 bytes)

CO CDR Miller 1986

jeff26.jpg (45094 bytes)

ETC Wilson (standing left) RM@ Bane, Jarnigan, Burke, Steve Danzis

jeff27.jpg (46379 bytes)

Topside Andros Island 1986

jeff28.jpg (56480 bytes)

Jeff Burke off Andros Island 1986

jeff29.jpg (73961 bytes)

Don "Dog" Galito on left, RMCS Steve Danzis in middle. Read about Steve in Eternal Patrol.

jeff31.jpg (53235 bytes)

Cookout topside off Andros Island 1986

jeff30.jpg (44893 bytes)

XO Flenniken and Chief Salvatoriello fishing off Andros Island 1986

jeffFSKEY0004.jpg (306111 bytes)

Chief Sechriest

jeffFSKEY0002.jpg (255716 bytes)

Handmade bubble - Zero angle

jeffFSKEY0003.jpg (256828 bytes)

15 degree up angle

jeffFSKEY0005.jpg (368482 bytes)

Radiomen McLauchlin and Burke

jeffFSKEY0006.jpg (294578 bytes)

RM's Bane and Jamagin flexing thier muscles

jeffFSKEY0008.jpg (337403 bytes)

Bane, Mclauchlin, Jamagin

jeffFSKEY0007.jpg (246284 bytes)

Bane picking up Jamagin

jeffFSKEY0009.jpg (311623 bytes)


jeffFSKEY0010.jpg (247603 bytes)

Swim call

jeffFSKEY0011.jpg (227728 bytes)

Jamagin and Bortle

jeffFSKEY0012.jpg (360436 bytes)


jeffFSKEY0013.jpg (257800 bytes) jeffFSKEY0014.jpg (186540 bytes)
jeffFSKEY0015.jpg (230170 bytes) JeffFSKEY0016.jpg (213838 bytes) jeffFSKEY0028.jpg (189825 bytes)
jeffFSKEY0029.jpg (242881 bytes) jeffFSKEY0032.jpg (208813 bytes)

Andy Sierra taking the video you can view on this web site.

jeffFSKEY0031.jpg (203561 bytes)
jeffFSKEY0019.jpg (330867 bytes)

after patrol get-together; Bortle and Chief Sechriest

jeffFSKEY0020.jpg (336939 bytes)

Jamagin, Mclauchlin, Bortle

jeffFSKEY0024.jpg (423780 bytes)

New Key Chiefs.

jeffFSKEY0025.jpg (437676 bytes)

Chief Burke being pinned by his wife Pam and CO Miller

jeffFSKEY0026.jpg (439363 bytes)

COB Rhinehart, Pam Burke and Jeff Burke.

jeffFSKEY0027.jpg (424476 bytes)

Kudos from other chiefs

reiseraward.jpg (75672 bytes)

XO Robert Kuppers presenting award to RM2 Jeffery Reiser during patrol 68

reiserpieface.jpg (87485 bytes)

Patrol 70, RM1 Quinton Martin smashing RM2 Jeffery Reiser with a pie.

reiserradio.jpg (73507 bytes)

Photo taken in Radio by James Britton, Navigator.  L to R: Helvy Johnson, Mark Drummond, Alan Biggler, John Bohn, Dale Philaya.   Bottom row: Jeffery Reiser, Phil Bell.

faulkner1.jpg (6791 bytes)

RM2 Flournoy & RM2 Faulkner.  The next 30 pictures were supplied by Mike Faulkner and are of the gold crew from 1985 - 88.

faulkner2.jpg (7708 bytes)

MS1 Brown, RM3 Schogren

faulkner3.jpg (7391 bytes)


faulkner4.jpg (10690 bytes)

ET3 Stradley

faulkner5.jpg (8848 bytes)

RM3 Schogren

faulkner6.jpg (9007 bytes)

RM3 Bell

faulkner7.jpg (6206 bytes)


faulkner8.jpg (4947 bytes)

Swim Call

faulkner9.jpg (7081 bytes)

Junior Millison gets a pie.

faulkner10.jpg (7966 bytes)

Swim Call

faulkner11.jpg (9221 bytes)

RM2 Jackson

faulkner12.jpg (8143 bytes)

Dusty Rhodes

faulkner13.jpg (9527 bytes)

RM3 Bell

faulkner14.jpg (6876 bytes)

??  Haircut

empic15.jpg (21360 bytes)


faulkner16.jpg (8880 bytes)

halfway night

faulkner17.jpg (7395 bytes)

COB Antos, Capt France, RM3 Schogren

faulkner18.jpg (9084 bytes)


faulkner19.jpg (5981 bytes)

Spike MM3

faulkner20.jpg (6151 bytes)

IC2 Millison

faulkner21.jpg (8797 bytes)

MT1 Hiestand, IC3 Langham

faulkner22.jpg (7919 bytes)

Ltjg Bereska, RM1 Faulkner reenlistment

faulkner23.jpg (10774 bytes)

RM3 Tomlin

faulkner24.jpg (7709 bytes)

RM1 Faulkner

faulkner25.jpg (9740 bytes)

RM2 Faulkner morse code award

faulkner26.jpg (6420 bytes)

ET1 Klevar

faulkner27.jpg (7536 bytes)

Capt Ellis, RM1 Faulkner reenlistment

faulkner28.jpg (8724 bytes)

RAdm Bump, RM2 Faulkner morse code award presentation

faulkner29.jpg (11283 bytes)

COB Antos, Capt France, RM2 Faulkner, RM2 Martin frocking ceremony

faulkner30.jpg (7549 bytes)

RM1 Lachenmyer TM1 Smith

mason79-R1-E001.jpg (1051517 bytes)

MMC Bob Waltz

Jeff Mason - A-Gang -Both Crews 81 - 86 sent in the next 120 pictures.  If you recognize anyone, let us know.

mason79-R1-E002.jpg (1069276 bytes) mason79-R1-E003.jpg (1087479 bytes)
mason79-R1-E004.jpg (1082823 bytes) mason79-R1-E005.jpg (893997 bytes) mason79-R1-E006.jpg (1066384 bytes)

MMC Bob Waltz and Senior Chief Washington

mason79-R1-E007.jpg (931650 bytes) mason79-R1-E008.jpg (1001098 bytes) mason79-R1-E009.jpg (870424 bytes)
mason79-R1-E010.jpg (962926 bytes) mason79-R1-E013.jpg (861727 bytes) mason79-R1-E012.jpg (824524 bytes)
mason79-R1-E011.jpg (825266 bytes) mason79-R1-E014.jpg (906156 bytes) mason79-R1-E015.jpg (828362 bytes)
mason79-R1-E016.jpg (983315 bytes)

Looking down the machinery 1 hatch

mason79-R1-E017.jpg (886335 bytes) mason79-R1-E018.jpg (1011425 bytes)
mason79-R1-E019.jpg (865689 bytes) mason79-R1-E020.jpg (876706 bytes)

This is what happens to you if you don't shower often.

mason79-R1-E021.jpg (1007386 bytes)
mason79-R1-E022.jpg (1022147 bytes) mason79-R1-E023.jpg (908589 bytes) mason79-R4-E097.jpg (929621 bytes)

Bruno on right

mason79-R3-E048.jpg (1090057 bytes)

Charles (CG) Robertson III

mason79-R3-E054.jpg (984263 bytes)

CG again

mason79-R3-E052.jpg (902660 bytes)


mason79-R3-E051.jpg (1018103 bytes) mason79-R3-E050.jpg (991987 bytes) mason79-R3-E053.jpg (1003350 bytes)
mason79-R3-E049.jpg (1121941 bytes) mason79-R3-E055.jpg (962464 bytes) mason79-R3-E056.jpg (1008794 bytes)
mason79-R3-E057.jpg (1006968 bytes)


mason79-R3-E058.jpg (1198844 bytes) mason79-R3-E059.jpg (989005 bytes)


mason79-R3-E060.jpg (907418 bytes) mason79-R3-E061.jpg (1010084 bytes) mason79-R3-E062.jpg (1107649 bytes)
mason79-R3-E063.jpg (1071659 bytes)


mason79-R3-E064.jpg (1044747 bytes)


mason79-R3-E065.jpg (993909 bytes)

Tommy Shaull (MM1). 

mason79-R3-E066.jpg (981555 bytes) mason79-R3-E067.jpg (1120150 bytes)

Stokley & Williams

mason79-R3-E068.jpg (1107436 bytes)


mason79-R3-E069.jpg (1055247 bytes)

Foster on left

mason79-R3-E070.jpg (1028672 bytes)


mason79-R3-E071.jpg (937077 bytes)


mason79-R3-E072.jpg (1151527 bytes) mason79-R4-E073.jpg (960727 bytes) mason79-R4-E074.jpg (948129 bytes)
mason79-R4-E075.jpg (909670 bytes) mason79-R4-E076.jpg (905962 bytes) mason79-R4-E077.jpg (911204 bytes)


mason79-R4-E078.jpg (925296 bytes)

Brad Rutherford - Nuc ET  This was from a gold crew swim call down in the Bahamas.

mason79-R4-E079.jpg (849704 bytes) mason79-R4-E080.jpg (541340 bytes)
mason79-R4-E082.jpg (803157 bytes)

Richard Gosnell

mason79-R4-E083.jpg (1108508 bytes) mason79-R4-E084.jpg (841612 bytes)

LCDR Donker (WEPS Gold)

mason79-R4-E085.jpg (909563 bytes) mason79-R4-E086.jpg (871548 bytes) mason79-R4-E087.jpg (621099 bytes)
mason79-R4-E088.jpg (934640 bytes)


mason79-R4-E089.jpg (905525 bytes)


mason79-R4-E090.jpg (883641 bytes)
mason79-R4-E091.jpg (939056 bytes)

Charles (CG) Robertson III

mason79-R5-E100.jpg (989299 bytes)
mason79-R5-E101.jpg (799036 bytes)


mason79-R5-E102.jpg (1011981 bytes)


mason79-R5-E103.jpg (1062704 bytes)


mason79-R5-E121.jpg (976743 bytes)

Newby, Winters are name tags we can read in this picture.  Brad Rutherford front/center, Robin Meredith is over Newby's right shoulder and the dark haired guy on the left looking left is Dan Petrie

mason79-R6-E123.jpg (1013331 bytes)


mason79-R6-E124.jpg (1249409 bytes)
mason79-R6-E125.jpg (897266 bytes)

Jarvis on left

mason79-R6-E126.jpg (1052276 bytes)


mason79-R6-E127.jpg (1030833 bytes)
mason79-R6-E128.jpg (1070340 bytes)

Tom Christensen  Nuc MM1  Gold Crew

mason79-R6-E129.jpg (1133668 bytes)

Manatee sighting

mason79-R6-E130.jpg (1129890 bytes)
mason79-R6-E133.jpg (940890 bytes) mason79-R6-E134.jpg (997531 bytes)

Mike Healy  (Thanks Melinda.  She ID her husband)

mason79-R6-E136.jpg (1093413 bytes)


mason79-R6-E137.jpg (904649 bytes)


mason79-R6-E138.jpg (1121099 bytes)


mason79-R6-E139.jpg (1063327 bytes)
mason79-R6-E140.jpg (1037382 bytes)


mason79-R6-E141.jpg (1110403 bytes)

Palmer on left

mason79-R6-E142.jpg (1128520 bytes)

Palmer, Jackson

mason79-R6-E144.jpg (1049088 bytes)


mason79-R6-E145.jpg (1055884 bytes)


mason79-R6-E147.jpg (1072601 bytes)


mason79-R6-E146.jpg (1104200 bytes)


brim1.jpg (366104 bytes)

Curt Brim and Johnny at the SINS plot in Nav.

mason79-R4-E081.jpg (1030172 bytes)
reiserolson.jpg (62307 bytes)

Gold Crew CO Jimmy Ellis -sitting.  XO Robert Kuppers - standing 1988/89.  Submitted by Jeffery  Reiser RM2

Shirley Curt Brim.jpg (82491 bytes)

Curt Brim

The next several hundred pictures were submitted by Jim Shirley - Gold 84 - 87

Shirley Dennis Myers Buys the XO (Ladd).jpg (95638 bytes)

Dennis Myers Buys the XO (Ladd) a Pie

FSKeyDec85-04.jpg (251776 bytes)

Topside 1985

FSKeyDec85-07.jpg (287581 bytes)

MSI Julien and his dad working on the mess deck during a dependents cruise in 1985

FSKeyDec85-11.jpg (276903 bytes)

Julian's dad

FSKeyDec85-12.jpg (271680 bytes) FSKeyDec85-15.jpg (240849 bytes) FSKeyDec85-16.jpg (272596 bytes)
FSKeyDec85-19.jpg (243937 bytes) Julian_BrithdaySpanking_14Dec85.jpg (409540 bytes)

Julian's birthday 14 Dec 85

Julian_COCitation_Oct82.jpg (369192 bytes)

Bill Julian getting CO citation Oct 82

Julian_ComSubLantAccomidation_Dec84_1.jpg (460242 bytes)

Julian receiving ComSubLant Accomidation_Dec84

Julian_MakingFirstClass_1_Jun83.jpg (269907 bytes)  FSKey_Nametag_1.JPG (2416384 bytes)

William Julian making first class  June 1, 1983

Julian_ComSubLantCitation_Dec84.jpg (377188 bytes)
Shirley Doc, Colkitt, MS1 Brown, COB.jpg (60423 bytes)

Doc, Colkitt, MS1 Brown, COB and MSC Harmon - Drills

Shirley Engineer LCDR Langdon.jpg (51088 bytes)

Engineer LCDR Langdon

Shirley John O'neill and others.jpg (92990 bytes)

John O'Neil, Kenny Spooner, Curt Brim, J Adkins, Rob Klever, Bill Heather, John Heistand

111111-R1-18-18.jpg (711827 bytes)

Dolphin and advancement ceremonies - Patrol 50

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131313-R1-93-93.jpg (679850 bytes) 131313-R1-94-94.jpg (710213 bytes) 131313-R1-102-102.jpg (766313 bytes)
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141414-R1-12-12.jpg (815059 bytes) 141414-R1-13-13.jpg (830838 bytes) 141414-R1-14-14.jpg (754851 bytes)
141414-R1-17-17.jpg (828782 bytes) 141414-R1-36-36.jpg (741673 bytes) 141414-R1-42-42.jpg (688423 bytes)
141414-R1-43-43.jpg (643256 bytes) 141414-R1-46-46.jpg (719416 bytes) 141414-R1-127-127.jpg (675323 bytes)
141414-R1-128-128.jpg (668083 bytes) 141414-R1-129-129.jpg (674067 bytes) 141414-R1-130-130.jpg (720802 bytes)
141414-R1-131-131.jpg (700972 bytes) 141414-R1-132-132.jpg (635281 bytes) 141414-R1-133-133.jpg (635010 bytes)
Capt France and MS1 Brown at Dolphin Ceremony.jpg (89425 bytes) Dan Foster Pinning Pat Foster with Capt.jpg (77047 bytes) ET Johnny Young.jpg (79474 bytes)
ET Tim Norris.jpg (76579 bytes) MM1 Lachenmyer.jpg (83329 bytes) MM2 Hebert.jpg (82592 bytes)
MS Hudnell Dolphins.jpg (86559 bytes) MT Romanus.jpg (77292 bytes) PO 3 Henkes receives his Dolphins from CO.jpg (78745 bytes)
QM Kjellin.jpg (80976 bytes) Rick Esterling.jpg (70460 bytes) RM Jackson Dolphins.jpg (78652 bytes)
RM Jackson receives his Dolphins from CO France.jpg (72556 bytes) Tony Bruno receives Dolphins from Capt.jpg (73236 bytes) 121212-R1-35-35.jpg (1153134 bytes)

Change of Command ceremony - CO Bajuk & CO France

121212-R1-36-36.jpg (1075954 bytes) 121212-R1-40-40.jpg (1070817 bytes) 121212-R1-41-41.jpg (1069631 bytes)
121212-R1-44-44.jpg (1060097 bytes) 121212-R1-45-45.jpg (1165295 bytes) 121212-R1-47-47.jpg (1248634 bytes)
121212-R1-48-48.jpg (1048113 bytes) 131313A-R1-00-0.jpg (895680 bytes) 131313A-R1-01-1.jpg (845074 bytes)
131313A-R1-02-2.jpg (838548 bytes) 131313A-R1-06-6.jpg (965710 bytes) 131313A-R1-08-8.jpg (906114 bytes)
131313A-R1-13-13.jpg (970766 bytes) 131313-R1-00-0.jpg (1327912 bytes) 131313-R1-02-2.jpg (1140519 bytes)
131313-R1-03-3.jpg (713115 bytes) 131313-R1-05-5.jpg (845492 bytes) 131313-R1-11-11.jpg (1183470 bytes)
131313-R1-12-12.jpg (1203206 bytes) CMDR Bajuk - Change of Command.jpg (98821 bytes) CMDR France.jpg (97801 bytes)
John Winters.jpg (50423 bytes) Navigator Johnny McWilliams.jpg (60115 bytes) 121212-R1-11-11.jpg (899469 bytes)
121212-R1-12-12.jpg (898458 bytes) 121212-R1-22-22.jpg (877393 bytes) 131313A-R1-80-80.jpg (765264 bytes)
131313A-R1-82-82.jpg (514984 bytes) 131313-R1-09-9.jpg (682770 bytes) 131313-R1-13-13.jpg (606680 bytes)
131313-R1-16-16.jpg (635766 bytes) 131313-R1-22-22.jpg (614844 bytes) 131313-R1-25-25.jpg (808307 bytes)
131313-R1-27-27.jpg (779641 bytes) 131313-R1-28-28.jpg (699890 bytes) 131313-R1-29-29.jpg (655739 bytes)
131313-R1-31-31.jpg (848805 bytes) 131313-R1-33-33.jpg (721074 bytes) 131313-R1-39-39.jpg (657115 bytes)
131313-R1-40-40.jpg (837212 bytes) 131313-R1-41-41.jpg (816898 bytes) 131313-R1-42-42.jpg (995009 bytes)
131313-R1-43-43.jpg (622739 bytes) 131313-R1-47-47.jpg (749371 bytes) 131313-R1-49-49.jpg (855578 bytes)
131313-R1-52-52.jpg (866066 bytes) 131313-R1-53-53.jpg (606469 bytes) 131313-R1-54-54.jpg (782063 bytes)
131313-R1-56-56.jpg (721338 bytes) 131313-R1-58-58.jpg (809279 bytes) 131313-R1-63-63.jpg (923643 bytes)
131313-R1-64-64.jpg (943368 bytes) 131313-R1-65-65.jpg (892949 bytes) 131313-R1-79-79.jpg (564401 bytes)
131313-R1-80-80.jpg (609889 bytes) 131313-R1-81-81.jpg (431572 bytes) 131313-R1-82-82.jpg (440905 bytes)
131313-R1-84-84.jpg (612477 bytes) 131313-R1-85-85.jpg (476496 bytes) 131313-R1-86-86.jpg (539226 bytes)
131313-R1-88-88.jpg (825305 bytes) 131313-R1-90-90.jpg (824266 bytes) 131313-R1-92-92.jpg (681372 bytes)

Barrie Whisenant - doing tag-out procedures

131313-R1-95-95.jpg (824638 bytes) 131313-R1-97-97.jpg (785608 bytes) 131313-R1-98-98.jpg (600065 bytes)
131313-R1-99-99.jpg (795549 bytes)

Barrie Whisenant

131313-R1-101-101.jpg (810641 bytes)

Larry Hughes and Barrie Whisenant

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141414-R1-16-16.jpg (853606 bytes) 141414-R1-22-22.jpg (774460 bytes)


141414-R1-25-25.jpg (820150 bytes)
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141414-R1-73-73.jpg (1238980 bytes) 141414-R1-84-84.jpg (828551 bytes) 141414-R1-85-85.jpg (806558 bytes)
141414-R1-86-86.jpg (897578 bytes) 141414-R1-87-87.jpg (847998 bytes) 141414-R1-88-88.jpg (862103 bytes)
141414-R1-89-89.jpg (635183 bytes) 141414-R1-90-90.jpg (917999 bytes) 141414-R1-91-91.jpg (750825 bytes)
141414-R1-93-93.jpg (875307 bytes) 141414-R1-94-94.jpg (784032 bytes) 141414-R1-95-95.jpg (905274 bytes)
141414-R1-96-96.jpg (855168 bytes) 141414-R1-97-97.jpg (926619 bytes) 141414-R1-98-98.jpg (965557 bytes)
141414-R1-125-125.jpg (849443 bytes) 255558-R1-12-12.jpg (771985 bytes)

Co France & Washington

255558-R1-14-14.jpg (735409 bytes)


255558-R1-19-19.jpg (911932 bytes) 255558-R1-23-23.jpg (819292 bytes) 444444-R1-18-18.jpg (775443 bytes)
444444-R1-20-20.jpg (779334 bytes) 444444-R1-51-51.jpg (1010406 bytes) 444444-R1-52-52.jpg (1104131 bytes)
444444-R1-53-53.jpg (906902 bytes) 444444-R1-54-54.jpg (1031534 bytes) 444444-R1-63-63.jpg (1239305 bytes)
444444-R1-69-69.jpg (1081067 bytes) 888888-R1-72-72.jpg (522726 bytes) A Gang.jpg (93509 bytes)


Another EXCITING Drill Set!.jpg (56847 bytes) Big Screen.jpg (65921 bytes) Bill Heather.jpg (82828 bytes)

Bill Heather

Checking the BQN-3.jpg (89589 bytes)

Shirley checking the BQN 3

Chief Brandt.jpg (38323 bytes)

Chief Brandt

Chief Minnick.jpg (88753 bytes)

Chief Minnick on left

Chris Kjellin.jpg (63051 bytes)

Chris Kjellin

Cob List.jpg (44572 bytes)

COB Washington

COB Washington Enjoys Drills Too!.jpg (67355 bytes)
Curt Brim.jpg (82491 bytes) Dan Foster (injured.jpg (73162 bytes)

Dan Foster injured, Bill Heather

Dan Newby.jpg (90437 bytes)

Dan Newby

Doc Hassfield.jpg (70072 bytes) Doc, Colkitt, MS1 Brown, COB.jpg (60423 bytes) EMCS Eddie Kiplinger.jpg (70351 bytes)
ET1 Klever.jpg (61540 bytes) Ens Gary Snodgrass,.jpg (108789 bytes) Ensign Snodgrass, FTGC Harris @ Fire Control.jpg (87004 bytes)
ET1 Sammy Shuford.jpg (65490 bytes) ET Jim Shirley (Nice Glasses!).jpg (68821 bytes) ETC Dennis Shackleton.jpg (88284 bytes)
FTGC Harris and IC Newby.jpg (63855 bytes) Hudnell and Dionglay plotting the next meal.jpg (43916 bytes) Hudson, Oelkers, Baggerly.jpg (91595 bytes)
Hunter.jpg (65888 bytes) Hunter and SK1 Rabino.jpg (90653 bytes) IC3 Langham.jpg (73830 bytes)
James Kjellin.jpg (82520 bytes) Jeff Hudson, Pat Foster.jpg (81255 bytes) Jim Shirley, Dennis Shackleton, and Bill.jpg (88583 bytes)
John Heistand.jpg (94535 bytes) John Heistand and Wally Oelkers.jpg (95147 bytes) John O’neill and others.jpg (92990 bytes)
Kenny Spooner flippin’ switches.jpg (94996 bytes) Langham and Newby.jpg (62133 bytes) LT.jpg (79281 bytes)
Mike Jarvis.jpg (100763 bytes) Movie Time!.jpg (75316 bytes) MS2 Harkness.jpg (66954 bytes)
MS Hudnell.jpg (87737 bytes) MS Hudnell and CO France.jpg (80273 bytes) MT1 Baggerly and John Winters.jpg (79638 bytes)
MT2 Garza.jpg (69366 bytes) NavETs – O’Hearn, Bruno, Bloomfield and.jpg (102615 bytes) Newby and Whisenant.jpg (55914 bytes)
Our.jpg (62307 bytes) QM2 Kirk Parnell.jpg (86426 bytes) Rick Goznell and Bob Bays.jpg (70377 bytes)
Rick O’Hearn.jpg (76764 bytes) Rick O’Hearn and John O’Neill.jpg (94111 bytes) Rick O’Hearn and the.jpg (81303 bytes)
Rob Klever in front of the NCC.jpg (108599 bytes) Shuford, Doc, & Colkitt.jpg (66617 bytes) Sonar Chief Day.jpg (73060 bytes)
Stradley serving his time on the Mess Decks.jpg (91486 bytes) Ten bucks says they scram the Reactor.jpg (61916 bytes) Tim Norris and Bill Bloomfield setting up the.jpg (84967 bytes)
Tim Norris holding the SINS up.jpg (59103 bytes) Tommy Shaull, John Heistand, Marty Weaver.jpg (99887 bytes) Tony Bruno.jpg (62472 bytes)
Tony Bruno and Bill Bloomfield.jpg (65228 bytes) Wallace, either deep cleaning, or setting.jpg (54489 bytes) Watch relief – Best to hang out below.jpg (57334 bytes)
Whisenant, Hiltunen, and Weaver.jpg (78647 bytes) 111111-R1-06-6.jpg (573850 bytes) 111111-R1-07-7.jpg (518123 bytes)
111111-R1-09-9.jpg (934927 bytes) 121212-R1-00-0.jpg (973156 bytes) 121212-R1-02-2.jpg (600024 bytes)
121212-R1-03-3.jpg (913404 bytes) 121212-R1-04-4.jpg (835810 bytes) 121212-R1-05-5 Tim Norris.jpg (51842 bytes)
121212-R1-16-16.jpg (534814 bytes) 121212-R1-19-19.jpg (596903 bytes) 131313-R1-04-4.jpg (588915 bytes)
131313-R1-05-5.jpg (574994 bytes) 131313-R1-06-6.jpg (640499 bytes) 131313-R1-08-8.jpg (542739 bytes)
131313-R1-53-53.jpg (552332 bytes) 131313-R1-55-55.jpg (936464 bytes) 131313-R1-56-56.jpg (569635 bytes)
131313-R1-57-57.jpg (479006 bytes) 131313-R1-58-58.jpg (783284 bytes) 131313-R1-60-60.jpg (550468 bytes)
131313-R1-61-61.jpg (1075862 bytes) 131313-R1-62-62.jpg (1137843 bytes) 131313-R1-64-64.jpg (598926 bytes)
131313-R1-66-66.jpg (907673 bytes) 131313-R1-68-68.jpg (962463 bytes) 131313-R1-69-69.jpg (865338 bytes)
131313-R1-70-70.jpg (620014 bytes) 131313-R1-71-71.jpg (445556 bytes) 131313-R1-74-74.jpg (832857 bytes)
131313-R1-75-75.jpg (900101 bytes) 131313-R1-76-76.jpg (678367 bytes) 131313-R1-77-77.jpg (549832 bytes)
131313-R1-78-78.jpg (583017 bytes) 141414-R1-18-18.jpg (878923 bytes) 141414-R1-19-19.jpg (1060698 bytes)
255558-R1-01-1.jpg (715798 bytes) 255558-R1-04-4.jpg (759071 bytes) 255558-R1-05-5.jpg (821836 bytes)
255558-R1-08-8.jpg (878065 bytes) 444444-R1-104-104.jpg (808719 bytes) 444444-R1-105-105.jpg (729248 bytes)
444444-R1-111-111.jpg (761698 bytes) 444444-R1-112-112.jpg (816461 bytes) 444444-R1-113-113.jpg (1295452 bytes)
444444-R1-116-116.jpg (673196 bytes) 444444-R1-118-118.jpg (931527 bytes) 444444-R1-119-119.jpg (1048631 bytes)
444444-R1-120-120.jpg (630456 bytes) 444444-R1-121-121.jpg (819936 bytes) 444444-R1-122-122.jpg (636840 bytes)
444444-R1-124-124.jpg (883995 bytes) 444444-R1-125-125.jpg (868859 bytes) 444444-R1-126-126.jpg (902312 bytes)
444444-R1-127-127.jpg (750267 bytes) 444444-R1-128-128.jpg (965350 bytes) 444444-R1-129-129.jpg (1155311 bytes)
444444-R1-131-131.jpg (1540728 bytes) 444444-R1-133-133.jpg (750960 bytes) Brad Rutherford.jpg (57103 bytes)
Harry Butterfield.jpg (50150 bytes) I got caught taking pictures! (NavET.jpg (62440 bytes) Jay Scribner.jpg (54033 bytes)
Kenny Spooner.jpg (63029 bytes) Larry Smith, Rick Gosnell.jpg (56684 bytes) Lt Macchiarella.jpg (53214 bytes)
141414-R1-21-21.jpg (738869 bytes) 141414-R1-28-28.jpg (567441 bytes) 141414-R1-29-29.jpg (910499 bytes)
141414-R1-50-50.jpg (839201 bytes) 141414-R1-104-104.jpg (728622 bytes) 141414-R1-105-105.jpg (838436 bytes)
141414-R1-106-106.jpg (790019 bytes) 141414-R1-107-107.jpg (856086 bytes) 141414-R1-108-108.jpg (825145 bytes)
141414-R1-109-109.jpg (751989 bytes) 141414-R1-110-110.jpg (669109 bytes) 141414-R1-111-111.jpg (715762 bytes)
141414-R1-112-112.jpg (764002 bytes) 141414-R1-113-113.jpg (822203 bytes) 141414-R1-114-114.jpg (768582 bytes)
141414-R1-115-115.jpg (743752 bytes) 141414-R1-116-116.jpg (737829 bytes) 141414-R1-117-117.jpg (652012 bytes)
141414-R1-118-118.jpg (672422 bytes) 141414-R1-119-119.jpg (665539 bytes) strongellis.jpg (272538 bytes)

Jody Strong getting his qual certificate from CDR Jimmy Ellis

burke1.jpg (112577 bytes)
Iin Radio Shack L-R, Back to Front. RM1 Lachenmyer, RM3 Dillenbeck, RM1 Burke, Lt Brown,   RM2 Meyers, RM2 Jackson,      RM3 Jarnigan, RMCS Danzis
burke2.jpg (121092 bytes)

At sea Bra-8 Bouy repair. R-L STSCS Griffith, RM1 Burke holding Bouy FW, LT Wiseman, LT Becknell on phones...Far left COB Rhinehart.

burke3.jpg (128294 bytes)

  L - R   STSCS Griffith, RM1 Burke

!cid_{FF7EFE92-E8A3-4C81-9294-2BF16F1DF381}.jpg (138643 bytes)

Next 14 pictures are from 1979/ 1980 time frame of gold crew

!cid_{1C1F8805-E4E6-4CF5-8BDF-4E36B95ABD83}.jpg (147709 bytes) !cid_{70EDBF5E-0800-41B1-BE94-EC98860D7C5D}.jpg (93374 bytes)
!cid_{74B55210-0AEE-4F6C-AFD7-B850EDFC0876}.jpg (76819 bytes) !cid_{82F117D1-AEE3-42B6-9BD9-E0F6CC89340E}.jpg (129711 bytes) !cid_{AE610B75-646A-465A-A758-520AD53C65AF}.jpg (145714 bytes)
!cid_{472D807B-A5F0-4E84-B897-BF69212FF48B}.jpg (122978 bytes) !cid_{7687F004-920D-4706-8E70-C3890C0A36C0}.jpg (128543 bytes) !cid_{60965CBE-CB1A-4115-8883-14D69DEF4EE1}.jpg (179222 bytes)

Bruce Garrett in lower left corner with hat over his eyes

!cid_{6648339F-B6E1-445A-8D17-66A0A18D1F77}.jpg (136515 bytes) !cid_{18970628-31F7-4B8A-A3EF-2722084CD019}.jpg (132660 bytes) !cid_{A78A19E7-162F-48A4-B829-81B305BA0C0A}.jpg (91983 bytes)

Escape trainer in New London

!cid_{CDA56F91-1F8C-44EC-9C42-40667EA45EB5}.jpg (143547 bytes) !cid_{FF7EFE92-E8A3-4C81-9294-2BF16F1DF381}.jpg (138643 bytes) wpeA.jpg (7620 bytes)Eric Mathies in 1988 with CDR Ellis Getting his dolphins.
wpeC.jpg (10479 bytes) Seaman Mathies on Lookout duty 1988