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SSBN 657 Pictures - 1970's

Updated -7/11/2020

These are photos taken in the 1970's on the KEY or during off-crew times.  They are thumbnails so you can click on them for a full size image.  If you have some pics to share, send them to Russ at

Angles & Dangles 1971

Harry Baker is standing straight, the boat is heading down.

launcherA.jpg (52383 bytes)

Launch Operations Station

Wayne Roske, Russ Christie, David Hall at launcher.

Blue Nose Night 1970 blue crew

Jim Belew, Ron Shouse, Russ Christie, Dave Kearney, A-ganger?

McPanama.JPG (178057 bytes)

Ship's weathervane

Panama Canal 1972

Marlin McDougall MT2.  We had to wake him to go topside for the cookout.  He was thrilled:-)

Topside Line 6

Russ Christie- center, A-weps Fred Clayton on right

wpe8.jpg (8552 bytes)

Al Singleman getting qualified.  CO Yarger with the grin.  Note: Al founded the Key reunion committee and is primarily responsible for the reunions and the first version of this web site. We all owe Al and his wife Diane a debt of gratitude for all their work through the years.

Shouse-FSK SSBN 657 (22)A.JPG (44421 bytes)

l to r: Dave Kearney, Russ Christie, Gary Storm 1971 starboard aft missile middle level.

Shouse-FSK SSBN 657 (22)B.JPG (47019 bytes)

Dave Kearney, Vebber at Launcher during  drill - 1971

Shouse-FSK SSBN 657 (20)A.JPG (46915 bytes)

l to r: Bob Rude, Jim Belew, Ron Shouse at Launcher 1971

Shouse-FSK SSBN 657 (20)B.JPG (37463 bytes)

Looks like Bob Rude and Dave Kearney at Launcher 1971

Shouse-FSK SSBN 657 (20)C.JPG (39696 bytes)

l to r: Jim Belew, Bob Rude, Dave Kearney at Launcher 1971

Shouse-FSK SSBN 657 (22)C.JPG (42186 bytes)

Clyde Lewis at Launcher 1971

Shouse-FSK SSBN 657 (14)-A.JPG (56153 bytes)

l to r: Ken McCracken, Clyde Lewis, Dan Miller at Launcher 1970

Shouse-FSK SSBN 657 (14)-B.JPG (65095 bytes)

Danny Miller in torpedo room 1970 - Submitted by Ron Shouse

Shouse-FSK SSBN 657 (14)-C.JPG (50946 bytes)

l to r: Ken McCracken, Clyde Lewis, Ron Shouse at Launcher 1970

Shouse-FSK SSBN 657 (14)-D.JPG (64051 bytes)

Ron Shouse in torpedo room where he belonged - permanently.

Shouse-FSK SSBN 657 (15)-A.JPG (44438 bytes)

Ron Shouse in torpedo room berthing area.

Shouse-FSK SSBN 657 (15)-B.JPG (39536 bytes)

Tom Cruise?  No - just Shouse again.

Shouse-FSK SSBN 657 (20)-D.JPG (35611 bytes)

Lounge rats - 1970 - I'm pretty sure the guy on the right of the photo titled "Lounge Rats -1970"  is David Gecy. (pronounced getsie)

That could be me (Bil Hole) across from him holding the cards.  I was a regular at that table across from Gecy.

Re-enlistment ceremony in Key off-crew office 1972. l to r: XO Richardson, Capt Bump, Russ Christie, A-Weps Fred Clayton, Weps Ron Kimmel, Chief Windsor -COB

youngwFSK1.jpg (749675 bytes)

Key leaving Port Canaveral for Poseidon shot after first overhaul at PSNS. 1973 Submitted by Gary Youngwirth


IMG_0001.jpg (292307 bytes)

The next 12 pictures are from 1972 blue crew heading to and through the Panama Canal.  These were from Dave Hall's album which he brought with him to the 2012 reunion.  L to R in the picture: Dave Hall, Russ Christie,  ????, Jim Belew in Panama Canal.

IMG_0004.jpg (295333 bytes)

Wayne Roske

IMG_0005.jpg (256650 bytes)

1972 Blue Crew

IMG_0003.jpg (261101 bytes)

In Panama Canal

IMG_0006.jpg (323319 bytes)

Steaming through the canal.

IMG_0007.jpg (244789 bytes)
IMG_0009.jpg (307127 bytes) IMG_0010.jpg (257126 bytes)

Russ Christie and Jim Belew in Panama

IMG_0018.jpg (307946 bytes)

Jim Belew and Harry Baker

IMG_0013.jpg (307739 bytes)

Dave Kearney

IMG_0015.jpg (321281 bytes)

Dave Hall

IMG_0017.jpg (281293 bytes)

Another canal shot.

YoungwFSK2.jpg (589112 bytes)

Holy Lock 1970/71 submitted by Gary Youngwirth.  Dry dock in the background

YoungwFSK3.jpg (650375 bytes)

Next to the tender in Holy Lock 1970/71/  Looks like Mike Pomarez on duty.

YoungwFSK4.jpg (666561 bytes)

Key passing Ft Sumter in Charleston, SC

Harry Baker at Launcher -  November 1972 according to calendar in background

Harry Baker - Panama Canal Lock #2.  Cookout was underway in background

Jim Belew, Russ Christie and Dave Kearney, 1971- haircuts

storm22A.jpg (115658 bytes)

Torpedo Room gang Blue 1971 back to front, l to r:  TM1 Ray, Danny Miller, Gary Storm, Roger LaBarre, Ron Shouse, Jack Tasony

Ron Shouse Blue Nose 1971

storm22C.jpg (42982 bytes)

Clyde Lewis in Scotland

storm22D.jpg (60422 bytes)

 Vaughn "Skippy" Stahl SK blue crew 1971

storm22E.jpg (55089 bytes)

Can't remember name, blue crew 1971 in Scotland

ssbn657-047.jpg (353320 bytes)

Dan "Mole" Mullen 74/75ish


holeazores1.jpg (19954 bytes)

Refueling stop at the Azores in 1970.  Submitted by Bil Hole.

holecasoinonight1.jpg (20894 bytes)

Casino night on patrol 1970

holenewyears2.jpg (22497 bytes)

New Year's party 1970.  CO Yarger pops a bottle of champagne.

holenewyears69-1.jpg (89843 bytes)

Champagne for everyone - hic

holenewyears69-2.jpg (96088 bytes)

CO Yarger and XO Harner toast the New Year with the crew on patrol 1970.  Submitted by Bil Hole.

holenewyears1.jpg (25351 bytes)

Capt Yarger toasting, XO Harner still
pouring.  Messcook Stan behind Capt Yarger, toasting. CS3 Gregg Snell to the right of XO Harner with somebody's cup partially hiding his face.

stigerimg043.jpg (90148 bytes)

Rick Stiger standing topside watch 1973.

Swim Call 1973

stigerimg032.jpg (71482 bytes)


stigerimg034.jpg (136853 bytes)

Ron Shouse cleaning the crapper after his golden flapper - 1973.  Submitted by Rick Stiger

stigerimg037.jpg (81326 bytes)

Capt Bump taking the plunge during swim call in 1973

stigerimg039.jpg (67969 bytes)

Nice picture of CO Bump topside 1973

stigerimg041.jpg (76721 bytes)

Joe DePasquale mess cooking - the hardest job on the boat - bar none.

stigerimg042.jpg (111430 bytes)

Men overboard! - No just swim call again.

stigershouse.jpg (77616 bytes)

Ron Shouse during swim call - or maybe sleepwalking - 1973

holeangles&dangles1.jpg (46734 bytes)

Chief Nordahl is standing straight as we take a 10degree up angle.  Notice the level of the bug juice on the counter.

holeangles&dangles2.jpg (45069 bytes)

10 degree down angle in the galley.  Notice the angle of the hanging cooking utensils on the bulkhead and (I think) Gregg Snell (left) hanging on to
whatever's on the stove

Shouse-FSK SSBN 657 (21)-A.JPG (27295 bytes)

Topside lookout

Feb 1972 P.Canal-Bremerton bound.JPG (162954 bytes)

Panama Canal 1972 - Bremerton Bound

gus1.jpg (97214 bytes)

Gus Peterson in 1971.  Read about him in Eternal Patrol

gus2.jpg (88363 bytes)

Gus Peterson and Tom Courtien Sept 12, 1971 in Rota at BBQ

mike-tom.jpg (105872 bytes)

Mike Robertson and Tom Courtien at Launcher in 1971.

Gus and Coz.JPG (102417 bytes)

Gus Peterson and "Coz"

Rota Barbecue.JPG (110656 bytes)

1971 Rota barbeque during Gold Crew quarantine for Larry Cole's death.  Weps Off Lt Tom Broderick center with beard.

RM2 Tom Tom Anderson.JPG (115701 bytes)

RM2 Tom Anderson in torpedo room where he bunked and worked part time.  Only radioman I know of that slept in the torpedo room.

weber657pic_13.jpg (358697 bytes)

1973 Cape Kennedy DASO.  Telemetry mast up.  Gold Crew.  Submitted by Greg Weber.

weber657pic_14.jpg (347874 bytes)

Greg Weber 1973 on patrol, NAV Center

weberpic657_8.jpg (898831 bytes)

Greg Weber next to the Simon Lake in Rota early 70's.

weberpic657_10a.jpg (265807 bytes)

NAV Center.  SIMS on left side looking aft

weberpic657_10b.jpg (317030 bytes)

Greg Weber heading to the slop shoot.  Phil Crump topside watch.

weberpic657_12.jpg (433781 bytes)

Weber getting dolphins from CO Forsythe in 1971

SSBN657C-Roche.jpg (1443874 bytes)

Half way night spring 1974 Gold


SSBN657A-Roche.jpg (1641251 bytes)

Promotions on patrol in fall 1974 Gold crew - CDR Beard, XO, Weber, Engineer LCDR Jones, Steve Roche

SSBN657B-Roche.jpg (1495532 bytes)

Half Way Night spring 1974 Gold submitted by Steve Roche

SSBN657D-Roche.jpg (904823 bytes)

Chief Peterson and Chief Harris - COB 

I believe, sitting down toward the left with the beard (red), is Lt. CDR Witzenburg, Engineer.. Standing in the center in front of guy with stripped shirt is Charles Hughes.   Marty Clemens, M-Div, 72-75, Gold  

SSBN657E-Roche.jpg (1449427 bytes)

CO Beard and more...

SSBN657F-Roche.jpg (1326357 bytes)

CO Beard gives Steve Roche  a Keyman award for pulling the crapper valve when sanitary 1 was being blown.

ssbn657-004.jpg (305163 bytes)


ssbn657-006.jpg (263555 bytes) ssbn657-017.jpg (294644 bytes)
ssbn657-023.jpg (317381 bytes)


ssbn657-024.jpg (356653 bytes) ssbn657-025.jpg (249584 bytes)
ssbn657-030.jpg (404714 bytes)


Key48.jpg (93074 bytes)

Spill drill?

ssbn657-036.jpg (420816 bytes)
ssbn657-049.jpg (371046 bytes)


ssbn657-052.jpg (314918 bytes) Key27.jpg (106381 bytes)
SSBN657G-Roche.jpg (991531 bytes)

IC Roche in IC Alley in ULOPS

SSBN657H-Roche.jpg (190268 bytes)

CO Beard and Chief Peterson

SSBN657I-Roche.jpg (187585 bytes)

Carroll Coon in center. Read about him in Eternal Patrol.

Sminkey-Key 1.jpg (407008 bytes)

Key tied up at Lambert's Point DEPERMing Staion, Norfolk 1974

Sminkey-key5.jpg (421976 bytes)

Key tied up at Lambert's Point DEPERMing Staion, Norfolk 1974

Sminkey-key10.jpg (318221 bytes)

Key at the Norfolk DEPERM pier

Sminkey-key3.jpg (358068 bytes)

Key leaving Charleston for Port Canaveral, FL - COB Harris topside. Taken by Bob Sminkey 1974.  Picture taken from the Machinery 1 hatch.


Sminkey-key8.jpg (364691 bytes)

 The second picture of the decks awash go with the first picture I sent labeled Key leaving Charleston for Canaveral.  I remember the Captain Beard yelling down to the COB to get below NOW!  They were having a problem with one of the line locker bolts.  I was stationed at the Mach 1 hatch ready to shut it if a big roller came across the deck.  It was actually funny.  The COB forgot to undo his harness from the deck traveler track and was halfway down the hatch when he realized what he had done.  By the time he got back up on deck and  unhooked, and back down the hatch, we took on a lot of water down the hatch.  We all had a lot of water to clean up in Mach 1.  What great fun we had!

ssbn657-034.jpg (443682 bytes)

From Ron Shouse:  Mike Holden was STS3 (ss) we were roommates one off crew.   He went to sonar C school while we went to the yard and I believe he may have been transferred back to the Key Gold while it was in Charleston . I remember he was in Charleston while I was an instructor at Sub School . His daughter was born on Ashley Phosphate Road while rushing to the Charleston Hospital , and he and his wife Debbie named her Ashley Phosphate Holden.  It really looks like Mike and the picture is in Sonar !  I would bet it is him !  I believe I have some other pictures of him somewhere to compare against, beard and all.

skipmasker.jpg (606969 bytes)

MT 2 Skip Masker becoming an MT1. Charleston, SC 1975 from CDR Hastie

Middle Level Missile by ELT Shack, Medical and Supply.


Warren Bennet & Mike Robertson at Launcher.JPG (112785 bytes)

Warren Bennett and Mike Robinson at Launcher 10/71 Gold Crew

In dry dock.JPG (103674 bytes)

Key in floating drydock in early 1971 in Holy Lock.

Rota 1971.JPG (80019 bytes)

Key in Rota in late 1971 next to tender.

Key33.jpg (68505 bytes)

FTG2 Richard Andis in the torpedo room.


Key1.jpg (103465 bytes) 

MMC Mike Turner Gold A-gang


Key39.jpg (74774 bytes)

MTC Joe Wright sorting the re-issue of cracker jack suits with COB Len Reneau, Bob Bethel and QMC John Troia.

Key41.jpg (81493 bytes)

 DC Meeting. Chief Turner with QM2 Jeff Walter sitting on right rear.  Don Lennex on right, Ethan Slee, Marty Weaver and Mac McDonald

Key56.jpg (69078 bytes)

CO George Mensch and Richard Tojek

Key50.jpg (90829 bytes)

Richard Andis, COB Len Reneau Gold Crew with midshipman on planes. 1978

Key42.jpg (69204 bytes)

Cape Canaveral just prior to first Trident launch. 1978

Key58.jpg (58648 bytes)

 Trip to Halifax 78/79

Key53.jpg (74677 bytes)

Trip to Halifax 78/79

Key52.jpg (81078 bytes)

XO LCDR Jack Johnston at door on right, MCM Jay Bloom on left, Skip Singer kneeling, LT Douglass MPA on right. ET1 Steve Crannell on phones, Jay Wells was next to phone talker but not shown.

Key3.jpg (50943 bytes)

First Trident I being loaded.  

Key51.jpg (46416 bytes)

Looks like the loading of the first Trident I missile into the Key.

Key9.jpg (64716 bytes)

Topside - open missile hatch.  Note the markings on the hatch.

Key37.jpg (76746 bytes)

AMR1 looking aft. Those are MG sets, and its spill time.  I see a dosimeter on the starboard MG set and a plastic cleanup bag taped there. 

Key25.jpg (69969 bytes)

 Pre launch of first Trident I missile.  Click Identified above for more details.


Key47.jpg (79815 bytes)

 Midshipmen coming aboard for tour and short cruise between first and second Trident launch.


Key19.jpg (47593 bytes)

Key lookouts - Don Lennex and Ron Bowden leaving port in late 1970's.

Key8.jpg (80371 bytes)

Mark Zgela A-Div Gold Crew at the BCP in late 1970s.

Key12.jpg (62365 bytes)

Leaving Weapons Station in Charleston, SC.

Key17.jpg (82666 bytes)

 Left is AWEPS LT Pittman, in skirt is Jerry Peterson. At right is LT Straight.  Performing a half way night skit.

Key23.jpg (83520 bytes)

See picture to the left for details


Key28.jpg (71805 bytes)

See left most picture for details.


Key2.jpg (85918 bytes)

Midshipman is Mark Swarthout who I found on Nov 18, 2006 on the internet.  He mentioned the Key on his personal web site so I e-mailed him and ask if he was in any of the pictures of midshipmen

Key13.jpg (95620 bytes)

Left side is Dave Sparks, Right side with fork is Don Lennex, Mark Paul is looking down.  Roger Kulavich is on the left of  Don Lennex, the guy with the fork in his mouth.  The guy on the right in the beard with no face showing is Tom Petersen


Key26.jpg (60770 bytes)

Larry Hildebran, Terry Gulczynski, Brian Hubert, Don Galedo Gold Crew line handlers 1978


Key55.jpg (99839 bytes)

Joe Wright Diving officer, Marty Weaver by ladder, Don Lennex on planes with beard.

Key16.jpg (81493 bytes)

Gold Crew fixing problem in reactor compartment. Roger Barnes looking in bag.

Key40.jpg (80088 bytes)

Alfonso FTG3 on Gold Crew 1978

Key15.jpg (72870 bytes)

Line Handlers - Gold Crew 1978/79

Key18.jpg (53963 bytes)

Looks like Halifax harbor but could be Annapolis

Key32.jpg (73052 bytes)

Line handlers Gold Crew 1978/79

Attackscope.jpg (236315 bytes)

USS Stanley being torpedoed by the Key during an exercise in 1976ish. Sent by Tim Brooks

ChrisMoffett&LarryKielionmk48certs.jpg (71418 bytes)

Chris Moffett & Larry Kielion topside during MK48 certs in 76.

Flying bridge.jpg (52731 bytes)

Qm2 Tim Brooks - blue crew -  on flying bridge during MK48 certs in Bahamas.

Garyfurstmk48certs.jpg (57600 bytes)

Gary Furst getting some sun during MK 48 certification in Bahamas

GeneHunt@75.jpg (61915 bytes)

Gene Hunt in luxurious crew berthing on Key.

Mk48certs.jpg (64349 bytes)

QM2 Tim Brooks airing out the armpits after running out of deodorant.

sharkseason.jpg (54813 bytes)

Wonderful liberty beach in Bahamas during MK 48 certs. The sign reads: Swim at own risk.  Shark season in progress.  Notice the crowd.

waiting onthe tender.jpg (61347 bytes)

Talk about luxury, berthing on tender for sub crews. At least Tim Brooks did not have far to go.

Dennis and Larry.jpg (69013 bytes)

Dennis Pyne, cook on the Key now deceased, and LarryKeilion

Tim B. ready for R&R.jpg (95677 bytes)

Tim Brooks ready for R&R.  Did we really ever dress like that?

Steve Melton, exceptional quartermaster and horselover.jpg (54717 bytes)

Steve Melton, Quartermaster and horse lover.  Note the Key plaque on the wall.

Key5.jpg (92972 bytes)

Ward Room set for dinner circa 1979


As34.jpg (352844 bytes)

USS Canopus- Go to Sea Stories to read about the fire on the Canopus when Key was along side

Key45.jpg (85969 bytes)

Richard Andis, FTG1 76 - 80 Gold.  Richard found this site in Jan of 2007 and recognized this picture.  Says it looks more like his 20 year old son now.

Key44.jpg (61540 bytes)

Looks like Billy Plucket.


SwimCall74.jpg (65566 bytes)

Captain Bump about to take a dip. 1974

Key21.jpg (79709 bytes)

NY Senator Moynihan cake. He visited the Key after first Trident launch.  

Len Reneau - COB - I gave the senator a tour of the boat.  At the Li-Br Plant he said the boat was real shiny.  He was a 2nd class BM in WW2.  That's about the only thing I remember about him.  I believe we were at the cape at the time.

Key11.jpg (94839 bytes)

Officer in corner is Lt Douglass, also Richard Tojek facing camera.  ET1 Steve Crannell on left.

Key34.jpg (47255 bytes)

Capt Mench  wanted it up.  It was the second battle E of 5 in a row.

Key36.jpg (81492 bytes)

Launcher area in late 1970s.

Jim Belew and Dave Kearney give Russ Christie a haircut in 1971.

Darrel Tate & Mike Saucier P. Canal 1972.jpg (80237 bytes)

Darrel Tate & Mike Saucier Panama Canal 1972

ssbn657-050.jpg (356126 bytes)

Supply officer Howard Richardson III and SKC Bennji Evans - Gold Crew 1974.

Robert Yager ca.1971 topside Gold.JPG (37157 bytes)

Robert Yager ca 1971

ssbn657-012.jpg (308490 bytes)

Capt Beard is in the center of this picture in the back.

ssbn657-041.jpg (342083 bytes)

The guy with his hand on his head is Dave Fuller MM2, ELT - about 1974


Pic5.jpg (202951 bytes)

Swim Call in 1977.

Pic1.jpg (210030 bytes)

Ron Marchand in sunglasses getting a "slider" during swim call in 1977

Pic3.jpg (203767 bytes)

TM Roger Wagner is under the planes on shark duty during 77 swim call.

stigershousebelew.jpg (83757 bytes)

Jim Belew and Ron Shouse circa 73/74


RichDolphins'74.jpg (87783 bytes)

RM2 Priece Rich getting his dolphins from CO Beard in 1974

RichE5 Promotion_2.jpg (65236 bytes)

2nd from left is RM Priece Rich,  MT Marlin McDougall (shaking the Co's hand) both making E5 from CO Bump during Overhaul #1 in Bremerton 1972


 RichE5Promotion.jpg (93331 bytes) wpe6.jpg (33681 bytes)

2nd from left is RM Priece Rich, far right is MT Marlin McDougall both making E5 from CO Bump during Overhaul #1 in Bremerton 1972.  Pic #2 - Priece in radio.

Shouse-FSK SSBN 657 (21)-B.JPG (29952 bytes)

LT or LTJG Brawley who was the Supply Officer on the Blue Crew circa 70-71.


RichRideCharlestonAirport.jpg (645029 bytes)

Priece Rich on bus to Charleston Airport at start of patrol cycle 1976


RichTopside76.jpg (36546 bytes)

RM2 Priece Rich Topside in 1976 probably during sea trials.


Captain Beard.jpg (139185 bytes)

Captain Percy Beard - Gold Crew 1974


RichETCSWeich.jpg (133313 bytes)

ETCS(SS) Weich. 1974 - on Eternal Patrol


empic23.jpg (24908 bytes)

Tim Brooks - waiting for a bus?


RichFTG20TerryAsher.jpg (136156 bytes)

FTG2(SS) Terry Asher

RichIC2Paschall.jpg (133356 bytes)
IC2(SS) Paschall
RichIC10CarrollCoon.jpg (116437 bytes)

IC1(SS) Carroll Coon (Liberty Bus from site 2) - on eternal patrol

RichMM2(Dalriphal.jpg (117215 bytes)

MM2(SS) Dalriphal (spelling incorrect)

RichMM2(Olson.jpg (130651 bytes)


RichMM2Donahue.jpg (130326 bytes)

MM2(SS) Kevin Donahue

RichMM2RodregoBarnes.jpg (129240 bytes)

MM2(SS) Rodrego Barnes and IC2(SS) Phil Carson

RichMM2ThayerMMCSPeterson.jpg (125093 bytes)

BrandonMM2(SS) Thayer (back), MMCS(SS) Gus Peterson (middle) , and ET1(SS) Wallace (front)

RichMM3Brandon.jpg (143165 bytes)

MM3(SS) Brandon

RichMM3Bryant(1975).jpg (134768 bytes)

MM3(SS) Bryant (1975)

RichMS2(ThayerMS1Rimando.jpg (139304 bytes)

MS2(SS) Thayer and MS1(SS) Rimando (sitting front)

RichPN3(McConnell.jpg (125403 bytes)

PN3(SU) McConnell

RichQM2JohnCarroll.jpg (133525 bytes)

QM2(SS) John Carroll

RichQM3Chapman.jpg (141934 bytes)

QM3(SS) Chapman and IC2(SS) Scullion.

RichQMSNJoeGann.jpg (127863 bytes)

QMSN(SS) Joe Gann and SN(SU)

RichRM3Keith.jpg (157940 bytes)

RM3(SS) Keith answering the question "Which finger doesn't hurt?"

RichSTS2Bradshaw.jpg (121239 bytes)

STS2(SS) Bradshaw

RichSTS3Pink.jpg (138232 bytes)

STS3(SU) Pink.

ssbn657-013.jpg (260611 bytes)

Priece Rich found this picture of himself in the WHO? photo area taken in 1974 during halfway night celebrations on patrol.

ssbn657-035.jpg (265967 bytes)

Guy with the camera is Chuck Tremaine, circa 1974 Gold Crew.


Richpics.jpg (137625 bytes)

(left to right) MM3(SS) Gary Bryant, MM2(SS) John Callison, QM3(SS) James Chapman (in Rota) 1974

empic21.jpg (20798 bytes) empic1.jpg (84908 bytes)

CO Hastie and Ken Davidson Key Blue 1976

empic2.jpg (30428 bytes)

Ken Davidson

empic3.jpg (21810 bytes) empic4.jpg (23652 bytes)

Ken Davidson

empic5.jpg (22045 bytes)

Tim Brooks in center

empic6.jpg (22695 bytes)

Ever wonder what the backup was in the event we couldn't launch the missiles?

empic7.jpg (25248 bytes)

Ken Davidson in Nav Center

empic8.jpg (25263 bytes)

Ken Davidson and DAN McRae - Don't ask - don't tell.

empic9.jpg (25900 bytes) empic10.jpg (29385 bytes)

Bill Furlong, Ken Davidson and Connie Baisemorein center in Nav

empic12.jpg (23843 bytes)

James Cortell   "BRUTUS" 

empic13.jpg (25822 bytes)

Tim Brooks on right

empic14.jpg (18900 bytes)

Richard Grube

empic15.jpg (21360 bytes)

Ken Davidson

empic16.jpg (31087 bytes)

Dan McRae

empic17.jpg (30223 bytes)

Ken Davidson in Nav Center

empic18.jpg (29530 bytes)

Ron Newton

empic19.jpg (27857 bytes)

Connie Baisemore - Nav center 1974ish

empic20.jpg (30535 bytes)

James Toth

Shouse-FSK SSBN 657 (22)-B.JPG (38405 bytes)

Missile Compartment berthing - with Playboy magazine on the bottom rack.


rariden657  Halifax, Nova Scotia '78.jpg (584220 bytes)

Key arriving in Halifax, NS 1978 submitted by Ken Raridan

rariden657 in Halifax 1.jpg (661035 bytes)

Key tied up in Halifax

rariden657 in Halifax 2.jpg (596277 bytes)
rariden657 in Halifax 3.jpg (536507 bytes) rariden657 in Halifax, Nova Scotia '78 jpg.jpeg (613300 bytes) bigonFSK-016.jpg (38350 bytes)


bigonFSK-018.jpg (33389 bytes) bigonFSK-019.jpg (41630 bytes)

Christmas 72

bigonFSK-032.jpg (45441 bytes)

IC Land

bigonFSK-034.jpg (39794 bytes)

Brian Bigon IC Div 72 - 74 Gold

bigonFSK-033.jpg (33288 bytes)

Brian Bigon

robertsontorpedo.jpg (89428 bytes)

From Mike Robertson - Next, for those modern navy boys, here is the business end of a Mk 14 mod 5 Steam powered torpedo.  I think we carried 4 of them.  They had 700 pound warheads that required a 180 degree rotation to install the exploders.  Made for a fun day.  Can't say I miss all those screws.  No wire attached to these babies.


Moray 4 Submarine - 1970.jpg (86184 bytes)

1970 topside target practice

moray aux 1  - 1970.jpg (96203 bytes)

Aux 1 1970 William Moray and TM Steve Rosen.

Moray leaving Scotland - 1970.jpg (108289 bytes)

Leaving Scotland 1970

Moray Submarine topside guns - 1970.jpg (107833 bytes)

Steve Rosen with weapon, XO Harner in background - 1970

Morey 3 Submarine- 1970.jpg (138748 bytes)

William Moray and ?  1970

Morey Submarine crew night- 1970.jpg (118750 bytes)

Ron Shouse on left, Tom Conlon on right.  Center ?

RudeLoringBaptise.jpg (33916 bytes)

l to r: Chief Chester Baptise, Mark Loring and Bob Rude playing poker in Bremerton during overhaul # 1.

RoarickSecNav Award Picture.jpg (1612868 bytes)

Key getting Golden Snipe Award from SecNav, 1975.

Submitted by George Roarick


courtien-1_0001.jpg (328482 bytes)

Next several pictures Submitted by Tom Courtien (TC):  George Maule MT2 and Bill Collins TM2 at Launcher

courtien-1_0002.jpg (385219 bytes)

(TC) Launcher 1971 - Doug Marshall, Bill Collins, George Maule and a QM I don't remember his name


courtien-1_0003.jpg (333479 bytes)

Tom Courtien and Bobby Lewis (Rosebud) on Line 1 along side dry dock in Holy Loch.

courtien-1_0004.jpg (375200 bytes)

Aft starboard middle level missile - Doug Marshall working on Quals.  Don't remember the guys getting or giving the haircut.

courtien-1_0005.jpg (279290 bytes)

(TC) LT(jg) Mickett A-Weaps or right and Supply Officer on right in Holy Loch

courtien-1_0006.jpg (349641 bytes)

(TC)Line handlers in Holy Loch as Key gets underway

courtien-1_0007.jpg (200241 bytes)

Tom Courtien in hatch in 1971.  It's sunny so it must be Rota.

courtien-1_0008.jpg (301491 bytes)

(TC)4 TMs at launcher 1971 - Doug Marshall, Steve Berry, forgot the other 2.

courtien-1_0009.jpg (230822 bytes)

TM Mike Robertson, RM Troll Anderson in torpedo room circa 1970

courtien-1_0010.jpg (869273 bytes)

(TC)Key in dry dock in Holy Loch in 1970

courtien-1_0011.jpg (1828561 bytes)

(TC)Key in dry dock in Rota in early 70s

robertsonA3missile.jpg (56070 bytes)

From Mike Robertson - We launched the A3 T in 1970 somewhere in the Southern Atlantic and sent them flying back towards Florida.  I don't remember the details or the photographers name...maybe held upon request...not sure anymore.  I had this stored in my boot camp book.   Nice shot for sure


robertsontorpedo2.jpg (30366 bytes)
For any of the Torpedomen who serviced these beasts,  I found the  NAVY DEPARTMENT BUREAU OF ORDNANCE Service manual at this URL.  Man did it bring back memories

From Mike Robertson TM2 70 - 72 Gold


rosen1.jpg (38611 bytes)

TM Steve Rosen and Chief Wall (Bulkhead) firing Thompson's off of Holy Loch in 1970

woodhouseamr2.jpg (2179054 bytes)

1974 photo taken in AMR2 upper level.   Lower bottom Gary Youngwirth.  Behind Gary L to R Randy Tinsley, Chief Lowman, and Mike Marotz.  Back row L to R Jim Milheiser, Gene Woodhouse, and Jim Winslow. 

wilson yarger.jpg (68566 bytes)

Wayne Wilson and CDR Yarger on the Key

fowler2.JPG (568451 bytes)

MCC 1975 from Chris Fowler

fowler3.JPG (594584 bytes)

MCC Christmas tree 1975

fowler4.JPG (544340 bytes)

Launcher 1975

fowler5.JPG (541763 bytes)

Launcher 1975

monica1.jpg (31029 bytes)

Robert "Hogrider" Hogge, (currently Monica F. Helms) receiving Dolphins, April 1974

monica2.jpg (40616 bytes)

Scale model of Key built by Monica

monica3.jpg (47252 bytes) murdock2.jpg (110716 bytes)

ET1 Robert Murdoch get commendation from Commander Submarine Group Six in 1976

Dennis M 028.JPG (991700 bytes)

Dennis Mijanovich October 25, 1971 along with Captain Forsyth.

Mike Stanley photo.jpg (1280393 bytes)

Mike Stanley and Bill Grey

George Straight 1.jpg (536545 bytes)

George Straight, Reactor Control Officer, Gold Crew 76 - 78

George straight 2.jpg (1336503 bytes)

George Straight

George Straight 3.jpg (563532 bytes)

George Straight

George Straight 4.jpg (1354169 bytes)

George Straight getting Patrol Pinned

George Straight 5.jpg (2030993 bytes)

George Straight on the planes

Keller 1.jpeg (82485 bytes)

Larry Keller  ETN2 Blue, 1970 in Scotland

Keller 2.jpeg (84270 bytes)

l to r: Harry Heilman, Michael Delasco, Bob Naney, Fred Van Doren, Lenny Cismouski  all ETs engineering blue crew

657F-610 panama.jpg (43800 bytes)

Panama Canal transit 1972.  USS Edison is in the background.  They made us clear the decks for the picture.  Someone forgot to tell the Edison crew.  This picture is in the 1974/75 edition of Jane's Fighting Ships.



wpe3.jpg (11129 bytes) 1

Raymond Cote NavET 69 - 71 took the next 8 pictures.  Recognize anyone?  Need names for pictures.  Click on each picture for larger size.

 wpe17.jpg (11129 bytes) 2


 wpe19.jpg (12620 bytes) 3
 wpe1B.jpg (15997 bytes) 4  wpe1D.jpg (14502 bytes) 5 wpe1F.jpg (15629 bytes) 6
 wpe21.jpg (14914 bytes) 7 wpe23.jpg (16321 bytes) 8

Several of the photos on this page were found by YN Jeff Buss during the second Key Overhaul. Here is the story of how he found them.  

Jeff Buss sent us the 50 photos below which he found on the Key. Here is the e-mail accompanying the photos: The boat went into overhaul in late 1982, and by the time I arrived in April 1983, the ship's offices had been relocated to a building outside the shipyard gates. Later, they moved us again - this time to a barge inside the shipyard, closer to the boat. Then when the boat finally became habitable, we moved again back to the boat. During this time frame, they tossed a lot of stuff. Being in the ship's office, we went through things one-by-one and decided what was going and what wasn't. I found a box of 35mm slides in the pile of stuff going to the dumpster. I rescued them (I hate throwing away pictures) and eventually they made their way home with me.

These slides were not taken during my tenure on the boat, they were taken before that. So I don't know anybody in the pictures. There are some clues in here that may date the photos. The clues I found were: 1) There appears to be a midshipmen's cruise in some of the photos.  2) There is a cake welcoming Senator Moynihan. I did an internet search, and found he was a Senator from New York from 1977-2003 So I have to guess these photos were taken from 1977 to 1982. You might ask the crew's assistance in dating these photos and identifying the people. - end of e-mail.

Update: We have identified most of the pictures. Shipmate Bill Kaczmarek and Don Lennex recognized the photos as gold crew about the time of the first Trident launch and has identified several of the pictures. COB Len Reneau, gold crew 77 - 80, recognized many of the pictures and they have been updated with names and dates.