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updated 05/17/18

Throughout our time on the Key, there were many documents and souvenirs,  that passed through our hands.  I thought it would be appropriate to try to save some of these images to document our lives on the Key.  Some examples might be: liberty passes, Qual cards, meal passes, official letters, announcements, family grams, items that followed you home, etc.  Anything that would help us document life on the Key.  E-mail your Key papers to  Below are thumbnails of the documents.  Click on them for a larger version.

Trident Time ship's newsletter from 1980.  Submitted by Charles Bell.  Click here for pdf file of the whole 6 pages


Key Hole newsletter, gold crew 1967 by Gary Walters -for entire newsletter pdf file, click here - Key Hole

wpe10.gif (36026 bytes)

The Garboon Tribune ships newspaper.  Click here for entire issue.

I was recently sent about a dozen past issues.  I'll try to get them online soon.

Liberty Pass.jpg (271622 bytes)

Liberty Pass submitted by Jeff Buss

Meal Pass.jpg (347768 bytes)

Meal Pass  by Jeff Buss YN3

Meal Pass1.jpg (326530 bytes)

Meal Pass by Jeff Buss

ParentsFishLtr.jpg (1000517 bytes)

Qual letter to parents by Jeff Buss

ParentsFish.jpg (275226 bytes)

Dolphins sent to parents

ParentsFishEnv.jpg (924234 bytes)

Qual letter/Dolphins envelope

Homeport.jpg (108358 bytes)

Homeport change letter

Pay.jpg (194504 bytes)

Pay record.  Weren't we overpaid?  I'd do it again for free - well almost.

fskcutout.gif (49786 bytes)


So that's how it works.  A handout of the Key's systems.

Circular Bumper.jpg (559221 bytes)

Trident bumper sticker

Key People Bumper.jpg (270016 bytes)

Key People bumper sticker. From the early 1980's

Trident First bumper.jpg (362673 bytes)

The Key launched the first Trident and this bumper sticker let the crew brag a bit.

Key49.jpg (98326 bytes)

Award for great food - 1977

navy_bunkbag_657cr.jpg (22370 bytes)

Laundry bag.  Wasn't that a fun thing to try to do.

navy_keychain_657r.jpg (21541 bytes)

Keychain. By Charlie Burrow
Given to each commissioning crew member.

navy_lighter_657r.jpg (50429 bytes)

Plank Owners Lighter - Charlie Burrow

navy_necklace_657r.jpg (56647 bytes)

Necklace. Charlie Burrow
Given to each commissioning crew member.

navy_plankownercr.jpg (24278 bytes)

Charlie Burrow's Plank Owner Certificate

navy_tags_657r.jpg (14739 bytes)

One of these aluminum tags was attached by a braided cord to each commissioning ceremony booklet

ssbn657_comm_frontr.jpg (19401 bytes)

Commissioning booklet front side

ssbn657_comm_backr.jpg (26481 bytes)

Commissioning booklet rear side

commis envelop.jpg (19373 bytes)

Commissioning envelope issued the day the Key was commissioned.

launchingenvelop.jpg (45353 bytes)

Launching announcement envelope issued the day Key was launched.

bluenosecert.jpg (59234 bytes)

Blue Nose Certificate

key bell.jpg (121376 bytes)

Key ship's bell. Located in the Submarine Museum, Groton, CT

key bell closeup.jpg (122176 bytes)

Key ship's bell close up.  Submitted by John Zlotucha, Gold crew  67 - 71.

key bell sign.jpg (145682 bytes)

Sign at Sub Museum by ship's bell.

Garysstenkie.jpg (486181 bytes)

Hope you never needed one of these - Stenke Hood.

Garysdosimeter.jpg (298358 bytes)

Gary Walters film badge

Garyspass.jpg (369074 bytes)

Gary Walters EB access badge used during the Keys construction.

FS Key Gold Enlisted Roster.jpg (377591 bytes)

Gold Crew Enlisted Roster from Jim Shirley NavET 84 - 87

FS Key Gold Officer Roster.jpg (333594 bytes)

Gold Crew Officers Roster with Key history to date.

bbKeybuckle.JPG (56382 bytes)

Key belt buckle submitted by Mark Swarthout a midshipman who took a two-day tour on the Key in 1978.

POD2.jpg (607229 bytes)

Plan of the Day for July 9, 1977

POD1.jpg (731135 bytes)

Plan of the Day for July 11, 1977

Battle_E_2_15_78.jpg (714316 bytes)

Battle "E" October 1977

Battle_E_8_18_76.jpg (895612 bytes)

Battle "E" August 1976

Key Orders G Walters 2.jpg (1994846 bytes)

Gary Walters: Here is a copy of my original orders to the Key SSBN 657.  Transferred from the USS Greenfish (SS-351) at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.  Reported @ 1610,  31 Dec. 1965  General Dynamics Corp. , Groton Conn  Original to the Blue Crew, later during new construction assigned to the Gold Crew.  Note: I received $195.00 (0.06 per mile) Travel expense.

Key Orders G Walters 1.jpg (960539 bytes)

Gary Walters orders to the Key page 2.

ORSE.jpg (437882 bytes)

Ron Marchand - ORSE Letter of Appreciation 1976

qualguide2.jpg (403804 bytes)

Gary Walters Qual Guide Cover Page from 1966

qualguide1.jpg (690626 bytes)

Gary Walters Qual Guide from 1966 typical page.

heflin7.jpg (51060 bytes)

Invitation to Commissioning of the Key submitted by Joe Heflin

heflin8.jpg (47346 bytes)

Commissioning admittance cards

heflin9.jpg (86220 bytes)

Launching Card

heflin10.jpg (77557 bytes)

Leather jacket patches

heflin11.jpg (93472 bytes)

Shoulder bar

heflin12.jpg (147092 bytes)

First ships patches still in original packing

heflin13.jpg (85494 bytes)

Joe Heflin's Commissioning booklet with tassel.

heflin14.jpg (154288 bytes)

Joe Heflin's Key pocket knife/file.

change_of_comm4.jpg (76692 bytes)

Key's last Change of Command program submitted by Cory Curtis

change_of_comm3.jpg (165563 bytes)

Last Change of Command program

change_of_comm2.jpg (236697 bytes)

Last Change of Command program

change of comm1.jpg (154731 bytes)

Last Change of Command program

sims qual.JPG (790234 bytes)

Jesse Sims Sub School Certificate

CC FSKey Kings Bay badge.jpg (44559 bytes)

Kings Bay Badge from 1992

CC FSKey Last Cruise card.jpg (41835 bytes)

Key last cruise card from Cory Curtis

CC FSKey Panama Canal.jpg (55482 bytes)

1992 Panama Canal Card

CC FSKey Wood Shim from battery compartment.jpg (39011 bytes)

Wood battery shims from the Key

CCFSKey Gold and Blue name tags.jpg (50019 bytes)

Gold and Blue crew name tags

CC FSKey Commisioning Pennant.jpg (19982 bytes)

Commissioning pennant

CC FSKey James H Webb.jpg (90960 bytes)

Presented to the Key in the 1980s.  Found in the trash during decommissioning in 1992

CCFSKey Fort Lauderdale.jpg (94843 bytes)

Last plaque awarded to the Key on her way to Hawaii.  Found in trash during decommissioning.

Keacletter11-16-70 pg1.jpg (815894 bytes)

Captain's letter to blue crew families, 11/16/70 - page 1

Keach-letter11-16-70 pg2.jpg (412172 bytes)

Captain's letter to blue crew families, 11/16/70 - page 2 submitted by Jim Keach

Keach-Wagner's Bus Trip to St Albans.jpg (864104 bytes)

On patrol joke memo about some crew members having to report to St Albans mental hospital - by Jim Keach

Keach-letter11-1-69 pg1.jpg (473950 bytes)

Captain's letter to blue crew families, 11/01/69 - page 1


Keach-letter 11-1-69 pg2.jpg (181415 bytes)

Captain's letter to blue crew families, 11/01/69 - page 2


wpe5.gif (756553 bytes)

Click here to see a November 1970 Blue Crew Family Phone Tree in a pdf file format.  These phone trees were the emergency contacts for each crew member. Family Tree


Antenna and mast arrangement of SSBN 657 submitted by Jim Keach


Aft exterior diagram of SSBN 657



Fwd exterior diagram of SSBN 657


Gold crew list from Sept. 1979 DASO - page 1

Gold crew list from Sept 1979 DASO - page 2

stigerplaque.jpg (1140785 bytes)
My name is Rick Stiger and I served on the 657 Blue Crew from 1972 until 1976. I picked up the boat in Bremerton Washington while she was in dry dock for missile conversion to Poseidon. I was a mess cook for sea trials and the trip around to Charleston. I remember making some copies of these plaques out of plaster of paris with some other grunts from the seaman gang. I do not remember why, but we made quiet a few of them. I ended up with one of the brass plaques not by any underhanded means but as a reward from the COB. I made 5 patrols on the 657 before getting my discharge.
RichKeyCommendation-1972_b.jpg (1628174 bytes)

Proud moments.  RM Priece Rich Commendation 1972

RichKeyCommendation-1974_b.jpg (1769725 bytes)

More proud moments.  RM Priece Rich Commendation 1974

Nightenhelser_Ships_Qual_Plaque.jpg (355010 bytes)

Boyd Nightenhelser Ship's Plaque given to him by CDR Ross when he got his dolphins.  This plaque was probably made by Rick Stiger, see above story and picture of the master plaque.

Boyd  COMSUBGRU 6 CITATION.jpg (669729 bytes)

Boyd Nightenhelser commendation

Boyd  Conduct Certificate.jpg (413197 bytes)

Boyd Nightenhelser Good Conduct Certificate 1981

Boyd  Squadron 18 Commendation.jpg (843394 bytes)

Boyd Nightenhalser Squadron 18 commendation

BoysReactor Pressurizer.jpg (68704 bytes)

Attached is a picture collage of a Reactor Pressurizer heater element removed during the shipyard refueling overhaul in Newport News Shipyard from 1982 1984.   The heaters are 45 inches long and were installed in thermal wells to prevent radioactive contamination.

Boyd Nightenhelser ET1(SS) 1980-1986

MUCAward70.jpg (2179333 bytes)

Meritorious Unit Commendation May 1970 by Tom Courtien


HoleNews8-11-69.jpg (125314 bytes)

August 1969 ship's newspaper about the Manson murders.  Submitted by Bil Hole

holeShipsQualPOs69-1.jpg (79635 bytes)      holeShipsQualPOs69-2.jpg (89436 bytes)

May 1969 Blue Crew Qual PO's Pg 1 & 2

holeShipsQualPOs69-3.jpg (74312 bytes)

Qual POs - page 3

holeChurchSvc08-25-69.jpg (103131 bytes)

Church Services Bulletin 1969 Blue Crew


holeElectricalSystemsBook.jpg (79490 bytes)

Bil Holes Electrical Diagram Qual Guide


holePipingSystemsBook.jpg (71685 bytes)

Piping Diagram Qual Guide Book

weberpic657_1.jpg (2105080 bytes)

Fire on the Canopus clipping by Greg Weber 1970

weberpic657_2.jpg (667996 bytes)

Submariner business card. Submitted by Greg Weber

weberpic657_3.jpg (3231255 bytes)

Nov 1970 Blue Nose Certificate

weberpic657_5.jpg (4154688 bytes)

Captains letter to families, August 1970 Gold Crew

weberpic657_6.jpg (768127 bytes)

Ship's party invite by Greg Weber

weberpic657_7.jpg (3158624 bytes)

Funny money from Greg Weber

weberpic657_9.jpg (1110308 bytes)

Spanish money from the 1970's used in Rota bars.

22 June 71 Blue Crew Plan of the Day.  Submitted by Bil Hole.

plesclockA.jpg (240997 bytes)

Clock from Captains stateroom saved by Ples Reynolds after decomm.  It says Key made 72 patrols.

plesMCML.jpg (25107 bytes)

Missile tube 3 door plaque.

plesmcmlsign.jpg (40953 bytes)

Didn't have this sign in the 70s.

plesmcul.jpg (29930 bytes) plesPennant.jpg (43584 bytes)

Union Jack Flag saved by Ples Reynolds after decomm.  Ples donated this flag to the crew of the Key and it is displayed at each reunion.

plessecuritsign.jpg (26172 bytes)

Security sign that hung at Launcher

plespearlnews.jpg (39107 bytes)

Newpaper announces the the Key arrived in Pearl for decommissioning

SWScan00004A.jpg (131749 bytes)

Ron Chim's Plank Owners certificate

SWScan00011A.jpg (93291 bytes)

Ron Chim sent to the Waldorf in NYC for food prep training in 1965

SWScan00012A.jpg (99434 bytes)

Ron Chim's Qual certificate

SWScan00014A.jpg (112209 bytes)

Vol 1, Issue 1, page 1 of "Deep Reading", ship's newspaper 1965

YoungwFSK tile.JPG (642177 bytes)

Key hot plate given at 1970 or 71 x-mas party submitted by Gary Youngwirth

YoungwFSKAshtray.JPG (650181 bytes)

FS Key Ash Tray - Gary Youngwirth

YoungwFSKitems.JPG (652800 bytes)

Key Belt buckle, lighter, first overhaul lighter and key chain

YoungwFSKPlaque.JPG (572873 bytes)

Key plaque and Gary Youngwirth's qual certificate

Swisepipingtab.jpg (894468 bytes)

Charles Swisegood's piping tab from 1973

Buss Pay Stub.jpg (192570 bytes)

Jeff Buss Pay Stub from 1984

CourtienSSBN657 Coffee Cup 1.jpg (487187 bytes)     CouttienSSBN657 Coffee Cup 2.JPG (2475442 bytes)

Tom Courtien sent in this picture of his Key Gold coffee cup from the 1970s.

RoarickGolden Snipe Award.jpg (716747 bytes)

Golden Snipe Award given by SecNav to Key Gold nucs in 1975.  Submitted by George Roarick

wpe1.jpg (75806 bytes)

Letter from Capt Bump to Chris Fowler's family - 18 Sep 73

sept91.jpg (868222 bytes)  oct91.jpg (823007 bytes)

Sept & Oct 91 underway calendar of events and complaints

Larson -Invitation.JPG (180378 bytes) Larson -Launch2.JPG (904745 bytes)

Launching invitation submitted by Ron Larsen

Larson- Launch4.JPG (439694 bytes) Larson -Launch1.JPG (687964 bytes) Larson -Launch3.JPG (235696 bytes)


jett-key_keys.JPG (1235684 bytes)

Everyone remembers where my "Key"chain came from I'm sure.  I served
from 90-decom on blue/combined crew and while in decom the EAB system was turned off.  I turned one of the caps into a key chain and have had it ever since. 
EM2(SS) Darin Jett

nightenhelserReactor Pressurizer heater element.jpg (68704 bytes)

This is a heater element from the reactor pressurizer. Removed during the refuel overhaul in NNS 1982-1984. ET1(SS) Boyd Nightenhelser

HoleplateSSBN657.jpg (89831 bytes)


The license plate of Bil Hole.  Sent in in October 2010

aumen FSK Plaques.jpg (1856494 bytes)

Ships Plaques one bronze and one aluminum sent in by Steve Aumen

aumen -SSBN657 Poseidon.jpg (1302894 bytes)

Poseidon missile shot by the Key gold crew in 1973 after the overhaul.  Sent in by Steve Aumen

aumen - SSBN657 License Plate.jpg (1471042 bytes)

Steve Aumen's PA license plate.  Sent in Sept 8, 2011

wilson blue nose.jpg (118089 bytes)

Wayne Wilson's Blue Nose Card circa 1970

FS Key 600th Patrol.jpg (158222 bytes)

Key makes 600th Polaris patrol - submitted by Bob Reese

murdock1.jpg (105530 bytes)

ET1 Robert Murdoch gets commendation from CDR Submarine Group Six in 1976

wpe7.jpg (29196 bytes)

The one picture is drawn my one of the launcher crew of the launcher crew. Some of the individuals are Chief Berry, Johns, TM Richardson, MT2 Mijanovich, MT1 Gary Whitesell, and down in the lower corner is a little Yourkie Pig which was MT3 Donald Austin. Maybe someone else can remember the rest of the individuals. 1971  

wpe9.jpg (24238 bytes)

Dennis Mijanovich's Qual cert.

earls dolphins.jpg (28732 bytes)

Dolphins belonging to Jim Earls, Key Blue first Medical Officer


plate_6.PNG (1001788 bytes)


wpe15.jpg (20286 bytes)

Frederick County citation recognizing the USS Francis Scott Key.  Click on image for larger version.