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USS Francis Scott Key SSBN 657 Underway Pictures

Updated 08/04/2008

These photos were taken throughout the Key's life at sea.  Some are official navy photos and other were taken by shipmates or family members.  We are always looking for pictures of the Key so look through your albums and send any you find to 

Above - Key entering PSNS for the last time 1993

Jeffery Reiser informs me that FTBC(SS) Robert Browning is responsible for the above double exposure picture of the Key.  The Chief was ships photographer in 1989.  We hope the Chief will supply us with more of his Key pictures.


Above - Key passing Fort Sumter - Charleston, SC 1973

Pic2.jpg (86257 bytes)

FSK doing her thing at full speed in 1977

Pic4.jpg (80478 bytes)

Key leaving a rooster tail leaving Rota in 1977

Key off Rota.jpg (294731 bytes)

Key entering Rota harbor in late 1960's.

ssbn657_stcroix15.jpg (21793 bytes)

Cruisin' off  St. Croix, Virgin Islands
February 1967

ssbn657_patrol02.jpg (22344 bytes)

Departing on 1st patrol
with destroyer escort
Cooper River, Charleston, South Carolina
June 1967  Pictures taken by Clyde R Lewis MT2 - Lookout.

ssbn657_patrol04.jpg (25783 bytes)

Departing on 1st patrol
ready to dive
off Charleston, South Carolina
June 1967

First of many, many patrols. Dive! Dive!

ssbn657_stcroix09.jpg (21927 bytes)

SSBN 657
returning from daily trials
Frederickstad, St. Croix, Virgin Islands
February 1967

Key19.jpg (47593 bytes)

Key lookouts - Don Lennex and Ron Bowden leaving port in late 1970's.


Key26.jpg (60770 bytes)

Larry Hildebran, Terry Gulczynski, Brian Hubert, Don Galedo Gold Crew line handlers 1978

Key32.jpg (73052 bytes)

Line handlers Gold Crew 1978/79


Feb 1972 P.Canal-Bremerton bound.JPG (162954 bytes)

Panama Canal 1972 - Bremerton Bound


657F-610_panama.jpg (43800 bytes)

Key in the Panama Canal in 1972 passing the USS Edison.

  keylastwaterpic1.jpg (304782 bytes)

Key is closest, Adams is the other sub.  Last picture we have of the Key in the water.