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Charleston, SC

updated 03/30/09

The Key made its first patrol from Charleston in June of 1967 but did not make Charleston its home port until after completion of overhaul #1 in 1973.  

ssbn657_patrol01.jpg (22966 bytes)

Departing on 1st patrol
Captain Frank Graham, on the bridge & under the bridge
Cooper River, Charleston, South Carolina
June 1967

ssbn657_patrol02.jpg (22344 bytes)

Departing on 1st patrol
with destroyer escort
Cooper River, Charleston, South Carolina
June 1967  Pictures taken by Clyde R Lewis MT2 - Lookout.

ssbn657_patrol03.jpg (21477 bytes)

Departing on 1st patrol
with dolphin escort
Cooper River, Charleston, South Carolina
June 1967

ssbn657_patrol04.jpg (25783 bytes)

Departing on 1st patrol
ready to dive off Charleston, South Carolina
June 1967

First of many, many patrols. Dive! Dive!

Key passing Fort Sumter - Charleston, SC 1973


Sminkey-key3.jpg (358068 bytes)

Key leaving Charleston for Port Canaveral, FL - COB Harris topside. Taken by Bob Sminkey 1974.  Picture taken from the Machinery 1 hatch.


Sminkey-key8.jpg (364691 bytes)

 The second picture of the decks awash go with the first picture I sent labeled Key leaving Charleston for Canaveral.  I remember the Captain Beard yelling down to the COB to get below NOW!  They were having a problem with one of the line locker bolts.  I was stationed at the Mach 1 hatch ready to shut it if a big roller came across the deck.  It was actually funny.  The COB forgot to undo his harness from the deck traveler track and was halfway down the hatch when he realized what he had done.  By the time he got back up on deck and  unhooked, and back down the hatch, we took on a lot of water down the hatch.  We all had a lot of water to clean up in Mach 1.  What great fun we had!

skipmasker.jpg (606969 bytes)

MT 2 Skip Masker becoming an MT1. Charleston, SC 1975 from CDR Hastie


Key12.jpg (62365 bytes)

Leaving Weapons Station in Charleston, SC.