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June 2006 Key News

June  2006 - New web shipmates added in June - Delasco, Michael; Stiehl, Christopher; Reed, Fred; Milheiser, James; Duell, William; Bratcher, Roy "Bratch".  Check the Crew List for details.


June 24 - On a sad note, we received an e-mail from John Glover that his father Roddy Glover, TM1 on the commissioning crew, had died in May of 1999.  If any of you remember Roddy and would like to drop his son an e-mail, just drop me one at and I'll forward it to you.


June 8, 2006 - A letter from Key shipmate Tom Conlon regarding the upcoming USSVI election.  Tom is running for re-election as National Commander and asks for members support.  Click here for Tom's Letter.


June 7, 2007 - Check out the new SUB HUMOR page.  I'm still laughing.


June 1, 2006 - Change of Command

Hi guys.  This is Russ Christie MT1, Blue crew, 1970 - 1975.  Today I am assuming the responsibility of maintaining the KEY web site from Al Singleman. (There will be no formal change of command ceremony so don't go looking for that moth eaten uniform).  Al has been maintaining the site as best he could with the time he had available from its inception.  I have had some experience with web site maintenance, so at the last reunion (after a few drinks) I volunteered to help with the site.  The last time I volunteered for anything, it cost me 7 patrols and an overhaul. 

I hope to add a lot more content and information and try to make the site a place for shipmates to reconnect.  I've been to two of the reunions so far and they are a great experience.  I was a bit reluctant at first, not knowing if anyone I knew would be there, but as it turned out, it just didn't matter.  Everyone there is family, KEY family.  At the last reunion in Kings Bay, GA, I met two other launcher guys (Bob Rude and Ron Shouse) that I had not seen in 32 years.  It was like being 22 again.  Oh the sea stories.  They were both senior to me when I reported on board and gave me their share of crap so it was especially pleasing to me to see that they were both, how should we say... folic-ly challenged.  Every time we talked, I'd be sure to casually run my fingers through my ample, flowing, ever growing hair.  It took 32 years but I got even. - Just kidding Bob and Ron ;-)

To improve the site, I will need your help.  Send in your sea stories, pictures, suggestions and anything you think would be of interest to your shipmates. Also, think about joining the KEY Reunion Association; and be sure to shop at the KEY Ship's Store.  This is how your web site is supported.


CREW LIST:  I  improved the Crew List by leaving off the e-mail address and street address, phone number for privacy reasons, but will make that info available to other Crew Members who wish to make contact on request.   I  also added some more info to the list such as blue or gold crew and Division - these will allow you to be able to sort the list to show the shipmates that served during your years aboard.