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December 2007 Key News


December 2007 - New Key web shipmates added in December 2007.  McAlister, Steve 88 - 90; Kraeger, Russell 88 - 90; Rodgers, Mike 76 - 80; Pinkler, Jeffrey 88 - 93; Head, Brian 88 - 90; Wise, Bill - Plank Owner 65 - 68; Lee, Robert "Mike" 74 - 75; Ellis, Tim 89 - Decom; Newby, Dan 83 - 86.  Check Crew List for details

December 29, 2007 - Want to wish everyone a Happy New Year.  As I remember New Years on patrol, there wasn't much of any celebration.  All it meant was that at midnight we switched to a new log book and went on with the watch.  In 2008 we get to look forward to the reunion in New London in April.  If you can, please try to attend at least part of the reunion.  It will make you feel like you are in your 20s again.

December 24, 2007 - Wishing all Key shipmates and their families a merry and healthy Christmas.  I spent 4 Christmases on patrol on the Key.  I recently found my Key qual cards and on my Practical Factors qual card on December 25, 1970 I got these sigs: "Override solenoid hydraulic and pneumatic control valves; Blow San 1, 2,3 or 4; Unload a loaded .45 caliber pistol; Shift a ventilation damper; Start or secure a ventilation fan or heater; Pump a bilge with an aux drain pump; and Don an EAB mask. I had a very busy Christmas Day in back in 1970.  All I want for Christmas is a 10 point sig on my qual card.  How things have changed.

Steve Rosen, TM2 Blue Crew 1967 - 70 recently sent me an e-mail about a Christmas galley fire in 1968 that caused a change in the dinner menu from Roast Turkey to "Penees d'estallion."  Here is Steve's story:

Christmas 1968  my first patrol, just made 3rd class but officially not till Jan 1, so I was on the 4 days of mess cooking.  I think mess cooking was required. for all E-3 and below.  Fire (or a detectable facsimile thereof) in the galley -  when isn’t something issuing some kind smoke in the galley?  Anyhow the ANSUL fire control system went off and covered the galley in chemicals including all the turkeys sitting in pans on the stove top, and the gravy and the….everything about to be served, with ANSUL (white, not blue).   With Christmas dinner in ruin, we substituted a French dish instead which we called "Penees d'estallion".

I spent the next 12 hours cleaning it out of every crack and crevice, compartment, locker in the galley.  End of mess cooking.   It was the first time I heard the phrase “penees d’estallion”   the most proper French chef description of the dinner entrée known to all of us as  horsecock ...a phrase I use today around the foodies who throw French words around. No one, I mean no one knows what I am talking about  and are too unsure of themselves to question it  ( hint? ;it aint French)

December 14, 2007 - I just received notice of the death of Dave "Otis" Carter, FTB1 Gold Crew 80 - 83.  You can read more in Eternal Patrol.  We wish Dave's family our deepest sympathies at our shipmates passing.

December 5, 2007  -  Scroll down this page to view the Picture of the Week.  "DAY 1"