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May 27, 2009


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April 2009 Key News


April 2009 - New Key shipmates added in April 2009 - Hazen, John 80 - 83; Kerry, Kenneth 80 - 82, Dawson, Ron  Plank Owner 65 - 68; Harris, RJ  90 - 93; Bahn, Jonathan 90 - 93; Flinn, John 68 - 70.  Check Crew List for details.

April 21, 2009 - Our picture of the week last week showed the TDU (Trash Disposal Unit) or GDU (Garbage Disposal Unit).  Shipmates from the 60's and early 70's say it was always known as the GDU.  I was onboard from 70 - 75 and remember it mostly called TDU but do remember some calling it the GDU.  Does anyone know when and why the name was changed?  My guess is it was changed at Overhaul #1 in 1972.  Does anyone still have a Key Tab booklet from before 1972 that they can look it up and let us know.

April 7, 2009 - The site of the 2010 Key reunion has been selected as Milwaukee, WI on May 19 - May 22, 2010.  Click on Reunion Info for all the details.

April 7, 2009 - I received a very fine history of the Key's early days from pre-com to patrol #2 from George Singer, first Supply Officer on the Key.  I put his story in a new area I've called Early Days under the History area to the left.  Click on it to read some fascinating stories of the Key's early trials and tribulations.

George also notified us of the passing of plank owner Ron Dawson, Blue Crew MT3 in 2005.  I added Ron to the Crew List and to the Eternal Patrol area.  I invite anyone who served with Ron to send along any comments for his memorial area.