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 Reunion 2022 Information


The 2022 USS Francis Scott Key reunion will be held in Charleston, SC from Monday, May 2 thru Friday, May 6. Anyone with suggestions for the reunion should contact Diane Singleman at


Here is the latest from Diane as of:


Apr 10. 2022 - A list of attendees for the 2022 Reunion is now available.  Reunion 2022 Attendees

09 August 2021 - Shipmates,
Attached is the registration form that needs to be completed by everyone who plans to attend the reunion & go to any of our events. (note: you should have received the form via e-mail.  If you did not, contact Diane at This needs to be returned to me by April 3, 2022.  If you need to reserve a room, call 1-843-856-8817 & give our group
code BD9805 and identify yourself as a Key reunion attendee in order to get our special rate. Please reserve your room as soon as you think you
might be attending. I have a limited number of rooms in our block & can only add more at our rate when needed if they have rooms available. You
can always cancel your room if something changes your plan to attend.  If you plan to go to Patriots Point & tour the Yorktown, there have
been some changes here. There is no longer a snack bar on board where you can get burgers & other lunch items. The is now a vending machine
area that sells sandwiches & other items. On shore there are food trucks available to purchase lunch. However, I have reserved the CPO Galley &
we will have a choice of 3 different box lunches available for you to order. I will need you to complete your lunch choice on the registration
form, so I know how many meals to order. If you will be ordering a lunch, please have this information to me by at least by Mar. 29, 2022.
As always, if you have any questions, just email me or call me at 518-355-2119.

Looking forward to seeing everyone again. Stay healthy & hopefully we will all be together again.

2022 Reunion Registration Form Pg 1      2022 Reunion Registration Form Pg 2


20 Jun 2021 - Reunion 2022 News: Diane Singleman has just sent e-mail to everyone regarding the 2020 Key Reunion in Charleston, SC next May.  Read Diane' e-mail below.  If you have not received an e-mail, please send Diane your current e-mail address.

    I am currently making arrangements for the next Key reunion. I hope everyone who had planned to come in 2020 will be able to make it this time. Looking forward to seeing everyone again & meeting all the new shipmates that had planned to come it 2020.

 The reunion will be in Mt. Pleasant (Charleston), SC from Monday, May 2 thru Friday, May 6th, 2022. Monday, May 2nd will be the day to check in and register. Our banquet will be on Thurs. night and check out will be Fri. May 6th. Trips will be on Tue-Thurs. Registration form will be emailed as soon as all the times are finalized.

Just like everything else, motel rates for the weekends are very high. The hotel suggested that we hold the reunion during the week, like most military groups also hold their reunions. We will be staying at the same hotel we had planned to stay at in 2020 & go on the same trips (Charleston tour, Hunley tour, Patriot Point tour etc). We will also go on the harbor dinner cruise on our last night (Thurs).

    We will be staying at the Comfort Inn & Suites Patriots Point. The phone number for the hotel is 843-856-8817. Our Group Code is
BD9805. Be sure to call the hotel at this number, tell them you are with the USS Francis Scott Key Reunion and give them our group code in order to get our special group rates. DO NOT CALL the number on the Choice Hotel website!!

 We will pay the same rate they were going to charge us for 2020 Sun-Thurs nights, $99.00 - 109.00, depending on the room you reserve. Weekend rates for Fri and Sat $189-$199 (Their regular weekday rate is $149.00 and the weekend rate is $239.00).
  If you wish to extend your time at the hotel, they will honor the reduced rates for the Fri, Sat & Sun before the reunion starts and for the Fri & Sat after the reunion is over.

  If you are thinking of going, book a room now. We have a block of rooms reserved and can add more if needed, as long as they still have rooms available. You can always cancel a few weeks before the reunion if you later decide you cannot attend.  So book early. If you have any questions, just email me at  or give me a call at 518-355-2119.
Diane Singleman



We have formed the Francis Scott Key Reunion Association. All former Key Shipmates & spouses are welcome to join. Your membership is needed so that we can plan for further reunions & maintain the USS Francis Scott Key crew web site.

The yearly Reunion Association Members are listed here:

Click: 2003 - 2020 Members

Membership dues are only $20.00 per family for the initial first year; afterwards your yearly dues are only $10.00 per family.  Dues receipts as well as profits from the Ship’s Store  sales go into the general treasury. Donations of any amount to help maintain the association will gladly be accepted. All funds will be used to cover mailing expenses. web site fees, reunion sponsorship etc.  Your support of the Reunion Association will help insure a successful reunion 08 as well as future reunions.  Everyone who works on the web and provides services is a volunteer.  

To join, simply mail a check to:

Diane Singleman, 

FSK Treasurer

425 E. Campbell Rd. Ext., 

Schenectady, NY 12303. 

Please make checks payable to: FS Key Reunion Association.   If you have any question, just email Diane at : or call Al at 518-355-2119.